10 Best AR Games For Android

Best AR Games For Android

We have something unique for the addictive gamers out yonder. So far, we’d satisfied standard Android games you can play by holding the device in your hands. However, today, we have something distinctive to try — some of the greatest AR games for Android. Augmented Reality, generally known as AR, places another layer over your being.

If you follow us, Augmented Reality wouldn’t be a new name. Recently, we had induced a list of the best AR apps for Android too. Today, however, is for entertainment. Given below are some of the most immeasurable Augmented Reality games you can play on your Android device today. Don’t worry if you have a low-end phone: we have some special recommendations too.

1. Father.io For Android

Out of all the AR games on Android that we tested, our number one pick would be Father.io, and nope it has nothing to with anyone’s dad it’s a first shooter game played in Augmented reality. The gameplay is pretty intuitive, you have to shoot the alien spaceship before they can kill you. Like every game, it’s simple at first but gets complicated as you go.

The best thing about the app is, it’s the only AR app we could find that works on mid-range phones like the Redmi note 5. So, if you’re looking for a good AR game that is fun as well as channeling, give it try.

2. Pokémon Go For Android

Pokémon Go has grown the obligatory notice when satisfying the best AR games — for all genuine intentions. This game brings your favorite Pokémon characters to real life. You have to move across the real world and catch Pokémon to progress. It has also brought game elements like hatching and evolving. You can also get into the Trading feature if you’re interested. Also, Pokémon Go is one of the first Augmented Reality games that made an impressive change.

3. Garfield GO – AR Treasure Hunt

We have added an adventure-based AR game for you — Garfield GO – AR Treasure Hunt. In the first look, the game may seem quite funny, but it’s not. When you start playing and exploring, you can win real prizes like gift cards and coupons. As you go on, Garfield GO – AR Treasure Hunt requires you to make the funny collection too. The central character is Garfield, whom you have to keep excited about the adventure. It’s one of the most immeasurable AR games for assured.

4. Jurassic World Alive For Android

Let’s now talk about bringing dinosaurs to real life. Jurassic World Alive is an awesome game when it comes to that sector. But, in this scene, you have to protect the dinosaurs from becoming extinct again. So, as a member of the Dinosaur Protection Group, you have to examine these alien beings beyond the real world. Then, you can collect DNA and proceed. It’s a really fun game and resembles Pokémon Go in many aspects. There are also battles and PvP combats.

5. My Tamagotchi Forever For Android

My Tamagotchi Forever is an awesome AR game where you create, customize, and optimize your Tamagotchi characters. One of the best features is that you can play Hide and Seek with your Tamagotchi friends in the real world. They will hide and you have to navigate and find them. The game would be better if you are familiar with the world of Tamagotchi characters. Regarding all these, we believe it warrants a good position in the list of AR games for Android.

6. Kazooloo DMX – AR For Android

Kazooloo DMX – AR is an extra impressive action AR game for Android. In this game, you are battling against a bunch of robots. However, Kazooloo DMX – AR allows various game modes, including the AR-based one. In all these modes, you have to destroy the robots before they destroy you. Even if you are playing the non-AR mode, the performance is top-notch. The most enjoyable section is that Kazooloo DMX – AR serves on not-so-flagship things as well.

7. Slingshot Island ARCore

Slingshot Island ARCore is one of the most modern AR games accessible for Android. This game allows you to create an outstanding world via your screen. Then, you can move across directions and choose the best angle for your slingshot adventures. In case you didn’t guess, Slingshot Island ARCore is also about some strategy and some planning. So, if you are seeing for a real-like venture synopsis, you should curb out this game. As you can guess from the name, it’s powered by ARCore.

8. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR makes the true skill of Augmented Reality into an action and tactics game. This game lets you turn your table or any flat surface into a warfront. As the leader, you have to plan your strategy and take decisions as enemies approach. It is also one of the best AR experiences we’ve seen. Knightfall AR graphics are top-notch and you can add on them for a graphic design of incidents. There is also a Photo Tone where you can customize attributes.

9. Guns Royale

To quote one of the reviews I found in the Play Store, Guns Royale is like PUBG and Minecraft had a child. Its pixel-based graphics and fast-paced gameplay make Guns Royale one of the best AR action games in store as of now. You will also be able to play with the team, thanks to the multiplayer feature. As the game moves forward, you have to unlock and collect weapons. You can easily invest the AR Mode from Settings and go into the immersive gameplay.

10. Gun Camera 3D Simulator

Gun Camera 3D Simulator is an outstanding Augmented Reality-based simulation game. If you are interested in guns and how they work, you should check this game out. Here, you can choose between different guns and shoot at the objects in your room or surroundings. Of course, you can feel haptic feedback and sound effect, along with some visual impact. The best part is that Gun Camera 3D Simulator lets you use modes like Night-View and others.

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