7 the world’s most expensive pairs of headphones


A new try of headphones may be a rattling means of constructing a giant maximize in listening quality for a comparatively touch cash. The easiest headphones create a newly-minted feel from your recent favorite songs and may even bring associate degree appreciation for tracks you never thought you friendly. Yes, if you would like to fall taken with music everywhere once more, a replacement try of headphones is the place to travel. But their area unit many sorts of the earpiece to decide on from in-ears, on-ears, over-ears, Bluetooth, noise-canceling.

If you preferred a try for home use, to plug into your hi-fi system or transportable music player, then a try of over-ear headphones is best. You will then need to select whether you would like open-backs (which leak sound) or the lot of typical closed-backs (which don, ‘t). To use together with your smartphone, you will have to decide whether you would like the uber-portability of in-ear headphones or the less intrusive work of on-ears — and each design varies hugely in the budget.

1. Onkyo H900M with 20-carat diamonds – $100,000 (approx. £82,000)

The Focals are not the sole luxury headphones to possess lit up Sin town throughout CES; Onkyo took its H900M cans and additional 20-carat diamonds at its ear cups before heading for the intense lights of Vegas. The gorgeous result is seen higher than And that’s not all. Onkyo conjointly embedded these diamonds onto atomic number 13 plates encircled by a hoop of extremely polished stainless steel. Questioning that is the right ear cup? It is the one with an additional ring of rubies. Well, orthography out L and R in cherry gemstones would’ve been a small indefinite amount over the highest.

2. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE 1 – £51,000

Formerly known as Orpheus, the flagship Sennheiser HE-1 headphones go along with their valve amplification. Once commissioned by the client, Sennheiser says every try will be bespoke to become, “as an individual as its future owner.” The chassis is created by Carrara marble, the equivalent sort Michelangelo used for his sculptures — thus it’s no exaggeration to mention they seem to be a work of art. Not solely will the marble look superb (and we do tend to love the result of the eight valves and management dials rising from the block of stone), it is also nice for damping. Win-win. The electricity headphones themselves area unit made up of fantastically carved metallic elements, leather, and fine microfiber textile. Due to Sennheiser’s ability, they even perform still as they appear.

3. Warwick Acoustics Sonoma Model One – £4995

If you’re willing to drop 5 grand on a try of headphones, it suggests a significant (and probably worrying) obsession for private listening. While we won’t counsel a cure for this explicit ill, we can dictate an honest long hear the Sonoma One package from solo Acoustics — simply one in every one of the best-sounding choices we’ve detected. Pay that hefty add and not solely does one get a try of open-backed static headphones, however conjointly an ardent energizer electronic equipment (electrostatic drivers need high voltages, thus these headphones will not work with typical amplification).

The electro-acoustic transducers do not feel notably high-end — the headscarf (made of powerful Nylon twelve polymer) on our set creaked a bit once twisted and also the clamping pressure was a small indefinite quantity too firm — however, this headphone system thousands so spectacularly clear and informative that we to tend to can’t facilitate, however, become involved with the music.

4. Stax SR-009S headphones – £3895

Stax has taken its regular SR-009 static ear speakers ($3600) and intercalary a gold plate to the look. however, do not suppose the engineers are simply being showy; on its website, Stax states, “If technology isn’t ‘t appropriate for the music, you ought not to adopt it, though it’s hi-tech.” And simply just in case, we tend to do not get the message, it adds, “Every technology ought to contribute to music copy.” Preaching to the reborn, perhaps, however, that is the USA told.

Well-known for its high-end static headphones, Stax conjointly pins the high value here on a super-thin diaphragm and a silver-coated, high-purity copper wire within the cable. You furthermore may get right and left channel indications on the cable: a golden solid line on the left and a line on the proper cable. The proof will solely be in sound quality.

5. Audeze LCD-4z – $3995 (approx. £3263)

Audeze does not build occurrence high-end headphones for fun; the corporate has the documentation (and loyal client base) to prove it. therefore why take the accelerate from the company’s LCD-3 and LCD-4 headphones to the latest flagship set, the LCD-4z (pictured)? How a couple of ludicrously skinny nano-grade diaphragm, double Flux or magnetic arrays speech act glorious potency, And a cast-magnesium housing that yields a lighter-weight style than the ‘standard, ‘ LCD-4 ($3995)? And therefore, the LCD-4z does not would like electronic equipment, therefore it will be driven straight from the aux port of your favorite listening device. Value over £3k of anyone’s cash, surely.

6. Focal Stellia – £2795

At a mere £2795, these will square measure a relative discount, compared to the Focal Utopia by Tournaire listed higher than however, virtually 3 grand for a collection of cans is hardly small-fry, and with happiness, these headphones square measure aspirations each regarding worth and sound qualities — they’re merely the simplest closed-back headphones we’ve ever detected. Where the first Utopia from Focal completely shines reception, in an exceedingly quiet area, given an honest enough system, their open-back style means outside those conditions, there’s an excessive amount of compromise concerned — then if you just should have a closed style that’s wherever the Focal Stellias are available.

7. Grado PS1000e headphones – £1595

Grado is pretty assured within the work of those headphones, claiming they’re among the foremost comfy obtainable, however, we’re not thus certain. The weight is fairly hefty (483g while not cables) and focused on those hefty earpieces. Don’t be tempted to scrimp on partnering instrumentation. Whereas Grado provides a vi.3 mm to 3.5 mm adapter to permit the PS1000es to be connected to a smartphone, we tend to wouldn’t advocate it.

whereas you’ll get sensible} sound — those headphones are usefully sensitive at simply wanting 100dB for a power unit signal — you actually won’t get away of simply however good these Grado’s are. The PS1000e is a component of the Grado skilled Series, that the corporate updated (along with several different models) as a part of the ‘I’m Series, taking attention to detail to an entirely new level.

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