8 Best Beard Straighteners

For easy grooming of the beards, you must get the best Beard Straighteners brushes. These types of brushes have been fitted with heating elements so that they heat faster and offer even heat distribution. Besides this, they also come with flexible power cords that swivel to 360-degrees. The units are easy and simpler to operate plus function at adjustable temperatures, making them great for different grooming tasks.

For the best beard straightening brushes, you should check for things like adjustable temperature, heating elements, safety, design, power cord, and cost among others.

1. Kuschelbär Heated Beard Straighteners Brush by Jeff Chastain

You won’t see the Kuschelbär heated brush (which is a little closer to a comb than a brush) in discount stores or drug stores; this ultra-expensive tool, designed by New York celebrity hairstylist Jeff Chastain, is usually sold in high-end salons and boutiques.

It’s recently made its debut on Amazon, however, which makes it more widely available – and worth consideration if straightening your beard is worth a cool C-note to you.

So what do you get for that kind of money? First of all, you get a straightener with ionic technology that seals moisture into beard hair and reduces frizz and flyaway.

Second, there’s a proprietary “heat barrier” in the comb which effectively prevents too much of the 374° heat from being transferred, protecting against burns and facial hair damage.

Third, the unique bristles are the smoothest we’ve seen, making them able to quickly straighten your beard without getting stuck.

The Kuschelbär can be used with either 110 or 220 volts so it’s perfect for travel – but most importantly, this is the best-heated beard straightener brush for use either at home or on the road.

2. Aberlite Max Beard Straighteners Brush for Men

Utilizing the PTC heating technology, this is a fine selection of a straightener brush that will suit you better. Because of this, the unit brings about uniform and consistent heating that enhances the grooming process. Also, it uses advanced ionic conditioning plus anti-static coating to offer a simple glide and long-lasting results. Working at five variable temperatures, it is a highly versatile unit that you can adjust to suit your grooming demands. The unit heats up to 440-degrees F.

It has been ergonomically designed plus has a longer power cord that makes it a great option that will suit you. The portable unit has a long flexible power cord and is great for both home and office uses. It is a safe unit with an auto-shutoff system thus a pick that will suit you better.

3. Andis High Heat Press Comb

Here’s the first heated comb in the Groom+Style rankings, and it is a versatile appliance that can be used on your hair as well as your beard. It’s designed as an all-purpose hair straightener, but when used properly works wonders on curly beards.

At first glance, the Andis seems to be a normal comb, mounted on a large handle with control buttons. The comb, though, is made from ceramic material which efficiently transfers heat throughout the hair for quick styling or straightening. This isn’t the easiest beard straightening tool to get used to – there’s a learning curve. It gets extremely hot even on lower settings; there are 20 of them in all, with the highest settings (ranging up to 450°) primarily suited to thick, kinky hair on the head.

We’d caution you to start at very low heat and work your way up, and completely avoid the highest settings when straightening your beard – unless your facial hair is so long that there’s a good distance between the bottom of the beard and your face.

This is a dual-voltage comb with a swivel cord and auto-shutoff, it’s available with either a gold or black comb, and it’s very reasonably priced. One design flaw can make the Andis a bit annoying until you’re used to it: the power control is placed in a spot on the handle where it’s easy to hit by mistake, turning the comb off while you’re using it.

4. Kingston Grooming Bristle Brush with Travel Case – Professional Quality

With this Wave Brush for Men, there will be no need to buy another hair or beard brush. This is because it has been made with the highest and premium quality boar hair with the finest grade. Additionally, it has been reinforced with quality bristles that will not fall out after a few uses. Another thing you will like about the brush is the special curved design that guarantees maximum contact to the face or head.

The boar hair brushes will effortlessly distribute oil in the hair to give it a shiny and clean look all the time. Since the bristles are of good quality, they will neither be too hard nor too soft on the beard and the head hair. The kit has been made in a travel-friendly design that makes it very easy to carry and groom the beard on the go. This is a risk-free purchase and you should, therefore, buy with ultimate confidence.

5. THE BEARD LEGACY Trimming Kit, Beard Growth Gift

This is another combo kit that is going to be ideal for people who are looking to stimulate beard growth. When combined with the beard growth oil from this brand, you will achieve healthy beard growth through awakening the hair follicles. Its derma roller, on the other hand, helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Grooming, trimming as well as taming your beard will be a hassle-free task when you use the quality scissors from this kit. The unscented beard oil has a perfect formula that makes it easy to moisturize and soften the hair effortlessly. Given that the price for this kit is very affordable, it will be ideal for any person even if they are shopping under a tight budget.

6. ISTON Beard Straighteners Brush

You must check for the safety of the brush before making the order. This is a very safe beard brush that has an auto-shutoff system; hence will not overheat. In addition to this, it features quality ceramic heating elements that bring about an even and consistent heat supply. The beard brush also has a LED display so that it alerts when it is operational. The brush heats relatively faster in just about 30 seconds, which makes it a pick that will suit you better. It is a portable and ergonomic unit that has been designed to allow for your beard straightening needs.

It functions at adjustable temperatures of 150 to 190-degrees C, making it great to customize the settings. What is more, it comes with a long flexible 360-degrees swivel cord for reliable uses. The unit also uses PTC technology for fast and efficient grooming of the beards.

7. Forher Ionic Beard Straighteners Comb

This is a straightening comb that looks like a brush at first glance, because of its design; the handle is easy to grip, just as a brush would be, but the stiff “bristles” are more like the ones you’d find on a comb.

The construction of the For her makes it best utilized for straightening longer beards (perhaps three inches or more), because of the length of the comb’s teeth.

40 metal-ceramic plates create even heat, and like the Aberlite, this unit’s three heat settings don’t let you go above 375° where you’d be more likely to burn yourself or your facial hair.

The company also claims that this beard straightener has a “double ionic generator.” We don’t know what that means; either anti-frizz negative ions are generated, or they’re not. As long as they are, that’s good enough for us.

The dual-voltage For her has a swiveling power cord and an auto-shutoff feature.

8. MIRUOC Electric Beard Straightener

This is our budget choice for Beard Straighteners combs.

The MIRUOC is lightweight and inexpensive, primarily because it’s made from ABS plastic. Likely for that same reason, this comb heats up extremely quickly (in 15-30 seconds) so it’s not a bad choice for quick touch-ups on stubborn flyaways or renegade hair strands.

The single-temperature 375° heat is generated by metal-ceramic plates, positioned high enough above the teeth so there’s no danger of burning your face as you work.

You won’t get extra features that are standard on more expensive straighteners, though, like ion generation, dual-voltage operation, or automatic shutoff.

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