Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021

Packing your new, ultra-slimline pill into your baggage for a weekend away — with its camera to capture all the fantastic sights, associated with its ability to stream some partaking diversion — is not doable for several folks right now; however we’re an optimistic bunch, thus let’s hope it before long are going to be. Over the past few years, we’ve found a lot to celebrate once testing Amazon’s entry-level fireplace HD pill series. The new Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021 has received its initial update since 2020 (we gave that version four stars), however, with double the storage, a claimed thirty % quicker performance courtesy of its new two.0GHz quad-core processor, up to twelve hours of battery life (two over its predecessor), and easier charging with a USB-C charging port, we’ve high hopes for this restructuring. Add to this 2GM RAM and 64 GB of storage aboard that is expandable by up to 1 TB with a micros card, and associate terms of simply £120 ($120), and we’re intrigued.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2021) Review: Features

Amazon’s hearth HD tablets have for the most part been plastic affairs, however our Twilight Blue sample (there area unit Black, White, and Plum finishes too) feels resoundingly sturdy and on the other hand, the refined emblem on the rear of the pill, Amazon stigmatization is sort of non-existent. On taking a look at here is the 64 GB hearth HD eight, although there’s additionally a 32 GB storage model for simply £90 ($90). The HD eight is bundled with a 5W charger, however, since it currently sports a USB-C socket, if you’ve got a 15W USB-C charger it’ll charge to nearer to 3 hours. Note there’s additionally associate degree HD eight and (£110/$110 for the 32 GB model; £140/$140 for the 64 GB variant), that boasts fifty p.c a lot of RAM, wireless charging support, and a bundled 9W USB-C charger that claims to charge the pill in but four hours.

The fireplace HD 8’s 8in Full HD show (as with all Amazon hearth HD tablets, the model variety denotes the screen size) makes it roughly a similar height and dimension as a soft-cover, however, the pill is slim, rounded at the sides and amazingly lightweight — good for holding and slithering into a bag. One tiny gripe is the ability button is settled towards the left of the highest fringe of the pill once command in portrait mode, and since the USB-C charging port, 3.5 mm earphone jack, and volume controls are found on this prime edge, it will create the functions feel a touch busy. It’s a minor issue, mind you. The HD 8’s twin speakers with electrical engineer Atoms support area unit found on the left aspect of the pill once command this manner. You get a similar battery life (up to twelve hours) and 2MP front and rear snappers as you are doing with the HD ten, and although the 1280 × 800 (189ppi) screen resolution could be a step down from the HD 10s 1920 × 1200 (224ppi) 1080p Full HD screen, it still appearance remarkably sensible.

At 5 hours, the HD eight takes associate degree hour longer to succeed in full charge than the HD ten, and therefore, the HD 8’s new Quad-core a pair of.0GHz processor could be a slight step down from the HD 10s Outscore a pair of.0GHz processor, however, in our tests, each tablet perform even as snappily. Considering the fireplace HD eight starts at simply £90 ($90) and offers you hands-free Alexa, there area unit many pill perks on supply here for the cash. Alexa works brightly and therefore, HD 8’s voice pick-up is admirable. Responses area unit in the midst of a visible, too — raise Alexa what number teeth a dog has and your pill pulls up an image of pooch to travel with the verbal response (the answer is forty-two, by the way).

You will like to associate degree Amazon account to use the pill, and it prompts you to require up a first-rate subscription that grants access to Amazon Prime Video and makes the foremost of the tablet’s options — although it isn’t essential. This Amazon-centric approach may create the fireplace HD eight less fascinating than a standard Android-based pill to people who do not would like to shop for into the Amazon system, however, there’s still lots for everybody to get pleasure from here.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021: Performance

We stream an amateur baking show Nailed It on Netflix and therefore, the contestants’ humorous creations-gone-wrong are disclosed altogether their ghastly colorful glory. The image runs remarkably swimmingly, even once one participant frantically hits the button as their archosaur celebration cake collapses. There’s a brief moment of vibrate because the cash gun sprays money round the winning contestant, however, it’s a competent performance overall. Some nice options within the fireplace HD 8’s show settings embrace adaptation brightness (a toggle that optimizes brightness levels in step with the encircling light) and Blue Shade which reduces the number of blue light-weight on the screen. As a pill of this size can typically be used for reading before bed, this is often a pleasant bit. The Fire HD 8’s new recreation mode additionally makes enjoying Candy Crush’s adventure story a joy — it sweets NASA across the screen and explode snappily as we to tend to swipe to create our connections on the touch-screen. We tend to attempt the lot of diagrammatically difficult Alto’s Odyssey and there’s a pleasant level of detail as we tend to surf the endless desert.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021: Sound

We begin our listening with the sonic accompaniment to the BAFTA-nominated Alto’s Odyssey. It’s a rough-textured and superimposed performance aboard the game’s close chimes. Whooshes and swoops as we tend to jump, collect coins, and somersault over geological formation edge are three-dimensional and careful, too. We try the Earful Air true wireless earbuds over Bluetooth and stream Our Planet: The peak season Netflix. Sir David Attenborough’s voice is central because the unmitigated of dolphins being pursued by false killer whales, aboard a zealous classical piece, come back through with energy and zeal. It’s Associate in Nursing expansive presentation, too, with glorious separation as a baby sulfur bottom emerges from the depths in our left ear and requires its mother, whose response is detected through our right. We tend to cannot absolutely support the fireplace HD 8’s Ray M. Dolby Atoms claims — in any case, there is solely such a lot of three-dimensional audio tiny speakers on a pill offers — however, it’s still a good-sounding pill for this cash.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review 2021: Verdict

At this reasonable level, we tend to couldn’t arouse a lot of during a pill. No, the Amazon hearth HD eight is not pretty much as good because of the latest Apple iPad, which boasts larger screen resolution, cameras, and process across the board; however, it’s thrice cheaper than Apple’s entry-level giving. The Fire HD eight is an associate easy-to-use device that appears and sounds splendid for the cash and has all the apps, and options it ought to have, and hands-free Alexa. If you’re trying to find an associate robot pill on that to transfer TV shows, movies, or books for a journey or a hands-free Alexa-enabled device for responsive queries, and then on, we tend to don’t suppose the fireplace HD eight will presently be bettered for the cash.

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