Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021


Amazon has (in the United Kingdom at least) efficient its video streamer choice to merely 2 sticks: the present hearth TV Stick, and this, the new Amazon hearth TV Stick 4K (£50/$50). The big upgrade is support for 4K video, of course, however, it’s off from the sole improvement: HDR has additionally been accessories, not simply in commonplace HDR10 kind, however additionally HLG, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, creating this the foremost format-friendly high dynamic vary video streamer presently out there. Alexa has been accessories, too, and proves a lot compelling than you would possibly imagine. All of that creates its value rather more than the tiny premium the fireplace TV Stick 4K commands over its relative. However, what’s maybe a lot of shocking is what a star entertainer it’s for a video streamer.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021: Build


Such is its chunkiness, the Amazon fireplace TV Stick 4K may well be additional accurately noted as a branch. Compared to an additional historically formed streamer like the Apple TV 4K, this is often a way more compact style, however, at 10 cm long the fireplace TV Stick 4K can protrude from the sting of many TVs once obstructed into a sideways-facing socket. Plugging it in next to alternative cables may be a true squeeze too. There is, at least, an associate degree HDMI extender within the box that may facilitate with the latter issue we to tend toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore| also, |likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet as up the thesparkwear performance — though we had no problems with wi-fi while not it. you’ll be able to conjointly hardwire the fireplace TV Stick 4K to your router by adding the ex gratia local area network adapter. As well as being physically larger than most sticks, the fireplace TV Stick 4K conjointly attracts additional power, to the extent that you just ought to use the USB electrical outlet that comes within the box instead of running the cable into one amongst your TVs own sockets — although we do tend to try it each way that throughout testing and noticed no distinction in performance.

However, wall-mounters who’ve chosen a stick device for neatness are foiled if they discover plugging the Amazon into the wall is or becomes essential. The first-time set-up is pleasantly slick. The Stick mechanically installs any out there computer code updates, quickly and simply connects to your wi-fi, and, predictably, links to your Amazon account. The video that introduces you to your new device is beneficial, however, it conjointly triggers off any Alexa device already within the space. Once the initial set-up is complete their square measure still some additional advanced choices price exploring. The choice to play all content in its native frame rate is turned off by default, and we’d powerfully suggest turning it on. the fireplace TV Stick 4K is additionally by default set to forever output HDR, repulsively up converting normal dynamic vary content to a rather associate degree counterfeit effect — we’d suggest you furthermore may modification that whereas within the setting menus.


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021: Features


If your previous expertise of Amazon on TV is restricted to the Prime Video app designed for your TV, you’ll be pleasantly stunned to find that the presentation and user expertise offered by the hearth TV Stick 4K is immensely superior. Home screens are bright, colorful, and have distinguished design advertising Amazon’s latest content, menus are daring, sharp, and clear, and operation throughout is snappy and sleek. And whereas the Prime Video app on different devices is invariably a nightmare once it involves realizing extremist HD content, it’s given a bit a lot of prominences here and is really conferred in search results. Hallelujah. Adding an extra dimension to operability is Alexa voice management. Merely press the voice management buttons on the remote and issue commands into the integrated electro-acoustic transducer. What makes the hearth TV Stick 4K’s voice management special is its combination of responsiveness, consistency of comprehension, and scope. Supplying commands feel natural, they’re continually understood and enacted upon quickly, and you’ll be able to do quite merely explore for a show or pause what you’re looking for. With HDMI-CEC properly setup, you’ll be able to issue one voice commanding to show on your TV, activate the hearth TV Stick 4K, and begin taking part in an associate degree episode of, say, Jack Ryan. currently, that’s neat. If you’ve got another Alexa device, like associate degree Echo Dot, you’ll be able to issue the command, ‘out loud’ — no have to be compelled to even realize the Stick’s remote. However, Alexa is slightly hampered by an uneven general search performance.

It’s not universal, for a beginning, so iPlayer, for instance, isn’t enclosed in results. And though Netflix is enclosed, Amazon results are predictably prioritized — through clicking on them would end in paying to look at one thing that’s already enclosed in your Netflix subscription. In short, the search performs, whether activated by kind or voice, works the best once you understand what you once. At the front and center of the app, the choice is Amazon Prime Video, here on the market in 4K with customary HDR, HDR10+ and electrical engineer|electrical engineer Vision — and with Dolby Atmos sound. Netflix is here, too, additionally in 4K with HDR and electrical engineer|electrical engineer Vision — though while not HDR10+ (which isn’t presently supported by Netflix) or Dolby Atoms (which you’ll get from the Netflix app on some platforms, like Apple TV). Yet as BBC iPlayer you furthermore may get ITV Hub, 4OD, and Demand five, whereas for native streaming, there’s Plex and VLC, and for music, you get Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal. currently, the TV would be nice, however, the hearth TV Stick 4K has all different bases coated. That’s key to its appeal: it includes all the streaming services you’re probably to need and support all of these most advanced video and sound formats. The support for HDR10+ is, in fact, a one-up on the Apple TV 4K, which prices £130 quite this. The Apple TV will counter, though, with a so much superior choice of pay-as-you-go blockbusters in 4K HDR, via the iTunes app. Amazon permits you to rent, and obtain new releases that aren’t enclosed with Prime, however, some are in 4K, and fewer still in HDR.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021: Picture


Playing The circuit shows off Amazon’s production qualities at their highest, and appears glorious once contend through the hearth TV Stick 4K. This is often an extremely sharp and elaborated image, presumably to the hurt of the progressively saggy presenters, however, to the good thing about the machine beauties on show. It’s wondrous bright and spirited, too, creating the image of a Ford GT rumbling through the streets of the latest royal line all the additional beautiful. There’s a small amount of shake to tough motion, additional concerning folks than cars, and a few of the brightest detail is missing, however, this is often an extremely spectacular image that so much surpasses the prevailing stick customary. Change to Polo on Netflix continues the fine type, with spectacular meaning yet as dramatic distinction. There’s a small amount of detail missing at the darkest and brightest ends of the spectrum, however, blacks are deep, and dramatic, whereas, whites are punchy and pure — the result’s a dynamic, partaking image. You won’t be looking for 4K HDR all the time, of course, and the source on BBC iPlayer proves that the hearth TV Stick 4K may be a dab hand once, it involves customary 1080p, too. Elaborated and clear, and with delicate, balanced colors, there’s nothing here to complain concerning, notably given the worth.


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021: Sound


Dolby Atmos is much exceptional at this finish of the market, therefore we tend to build a path for Amazon’s Jack Ryan and square measure delighted to get not solely that it works, however, that it conjointly sounds really expert. This is often room-filling sound with the wonderful placement of effects and real weight and drama. The Fire TV Stick 4K sounds smart with commonplace five.1 and even stereo, too. This is often a transparent, fairly elaborated, and spacious sound despite the format, and can reward those employing a tight sound answer instead of the speakers designed into their receiver. Having same that, next to the easiest streamers (essentially the Apple TV 4K) or a passionate disc-spinner, the Stick is slightly lacking regarding dynamics and outright punch, which may rob associate action scenery of a touch of its impact. For a tool this size and value, though, the hearth TV Stick 4K is undeniably spectacular.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review 2021: Verdict


If you’re attending to purchase an obsessive video streamer, you would like it to try to do everything — and heretofore the sole one that did that was the Apple TV 4K. Except for such an occasional value, the Amazon fireplace TV Stick 4K has all the apps you wish, supports all current HDR formats, and throws in electrical engineer Atoms. That’s associate amazingly haggle, notably once you think about the comprehensive quality of the performance and glorious user-friendliness. The Apple TV 4K continues to be the perfect streamer — it’s the sting regarding image and sound quality and maybe a lot of significantly, provides you access to a better-stocked choice of 4K HDR films. But the fact simply would have to be compelled to pay a full chunk of cash a lot to raise the hearth TV Stick 4K proves just what associate exceptional cut price it.

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