AudioQuest Rocket 11 review 2021


If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your system, the AudioQuest Rocket 11 speaker cable will lend a helping hand. Love your system but feel the need to give it a bit of a lift? If you haven’t already, you might want to invest in a better quality speaker cable. AudioQuest’s Rocket 11 — on the budget end of its Rocket range at £12.50/m — could just be the thing to give your system a new lease of life. Here is, the AudioQuest Rocket 11 review 2021.

Build & Compatibility:

The first factor we tend to like regarding Rocket eleven is, however versatile it. Very similar to AudioQuest’s previous triumph FLX-SLiP 14/4, it’s simple to bend the malleable cable around tight corners to achieve your kit without concern regarding it breaking or obtaining broken. The cables square measure handily tagged, too. Not solely square measure the left and right cables marked, however, AudioQuest has additionally helpfully noted that finish goes into the electronic equipment and that finish plugs into the speaker — it’s these very little touches that build the Rocket eleven all the less difficult and appealing to use.

They are additionally designed so, you’ll be able to use them during a single-wired or bi-wired configuration if your system demands it, with the choice to terminate them in banana plug or spade connectors future. Our review sample has banana plugs and comes during a sensible white end, although you’ll be able to get the Rocket eleven in black too. AudioQuest has taken a fantastic deal of care with the design and quality of the conductors used within the Rocket 11. It uses semi-solid true-concentric conductors and long-grain copper — all to boost performance and scale back any interference that may degrade the sound.



Of course, none of this might build a jot of distinction if the Rocket eleven cables didn’t have a positive impact on your system’s performance. We connect the cable into our main coordinate system (a formidable ATC SCM fifty speakers, GamuT D3i/D200i electronic equipment, and Naim NDS/555PS streamer combination) moreover as in a lesser system comprising KEF Q350 speakers, Rega animation amp, and Marantz CD6006 Britain Edition electronic equipment — and therefore, the result on our assembled systems are immediate. There’s a perceptible improvement within the manner the systems perform once the Rocket eleven is obstructed in, compared with rival speaker cables from Atlas and Chord Company. We do tend to play within the Cold, Cold Night by The White Stripes, and our system sounds spectacularly clear, controlled, and careful.

Stringed instrument strings are force taut, leading edges are splendidly crisp and clean, and therefore, the precise temporary arrangement propels the song forward with driving momentum. Vocals are filled with refinement and feeling, too. The exactness of million White’s diction comes through with sparkling clarity. The Rocket 11s conjointly guide our system into performing arts with a lovely and punchy sense of dynamism that’s a joy to pay attention to. Stevie Nicks’s fringe of Seventeen is delivered with the total, raw power of associate air-punching power ballad, whereas the prankish symptom rhythm of SBTRKT’s New Drop the big apple charges on gayly. Listening with competitors like the triumph Chord Company road speaker cable (which is slightly cheaper at £10/m), our system sounds a touch richer, with weightier stress on the baselines. However, with the Rocket eleven, our system knits musical parts Besides a lot of confidence and spirit. We tend to get a more robust sense of largeness, too.


As we tend to aforesaid in our review of the FLX-SLiP 14/4 a number of years past, the simplest issue this AudioQuest cable will get out of the method, and easily allow you to fancy the music. At £12.50 per meter (before termination), it’d sound a touch steep once you add up what number of cables, and also the length you’ll want. However, if you’ve place heaps of care into your system, it’s well price finance in smart quality speaker cables which will optimize its performance. And the Rocket eleven speaker cable is a good price that investment.

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