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The best Disc Golf sets for the year 2020 are just a quick read ahead. With so many options on the market, a condensed list of this sort can save the buyer time and frustration. We’ve broken down the various options, applied the testing, and created a top-ten list for the pro and novice alike. Factors like strength, aerodynamics and wear-in period results are just some of those that were measured in this particular product lineup. So, without any more delay, your list of the top, 5, best Frisbee golf sets awaits below.

Innova Disc Golf Four-Disc Golf Set with Bag

The best Frisbee golf sets should always feature reliable and effective disc designs, and this four-disc set by Innova Disc Golf fits the bill exactly. Buyers of this set can look forward to excellent grip no matter the weather, vibrant colors that resist fading, and a wide skill range accommodation with disc weights ranging from 150 to 180g. At the end of the day, this is arguably the best disc golf set with a bag for multiple skill levels that is available right now.

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set with Basket and Carrying Bag

Franklin Sports brings us a great pick for the year with its Disc Golf Set with Basket and Carrying Bag. The discs in this set are designed very well, with great grip, feel, and balance, and the included carry bag and basket system are also nicely made for plenty of playtimes to come. Even better, with all things considered, the price point associated with this set is a great deal.

Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Three-Disc Set

For the pro disc golf player, this pro set by Kestrel Discs is worth serious consideration. Some of the game-winning features found in this set include three, high-quality discs consisting of a fairway driver, a mid-range disc, and a putter, and 172-gram playability. A high-quality and very stylish bag that features a handy side pocket as well as space to easily hold 12 discs at a time also comes along with this deal.

 Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set

For another great Frisbee golf set option that comes with a carry bag for convenience, this Disc Golf Starter Set by the Dynamic Discs company certainly gets the job done. Get started in style with these colorful and well-decorated flyers that stay consistent in their flight patterns no matter how much wear-in you put them through. An accompanying Trooper bag completes the set incredibly well.

Discraft Disc Golf Pro-D Starter Package

Finally, Discraft earns the last spot on our list of the top disc golf sets via the maker’s Disc Golf Pro-D Starter Package. This great four-disc set comes in some great colors with some eye-catching artwork, performs well before and after the initial wear-in period, resists fading and play damage, and covers a healthy weight range of 167-177 grams. As a bonus, Discraft has included their signature carry bag with this favorite addition of ours to this year’s list of the best disc golf sets around.

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