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If you’re a parent, you have probably heard the term “babywearing.” It’s the practice of carrying your baby constantly and it’s not just for kangaroos. Carrying your baby is often more practical and convenient than pushing a stroller—especially if you’re hiking, traveling, or running errands. For the past five years, I’ve tried almost every baby carrier out there while running through the airports, hiking through forests and on mountain trails, and wandering on city streets.

I eliminated a few, like the Baby K’ Tan and the Solly Baby wrap, because they were too soft and stretchy to support kids properly. These are my Top favorite seven best baby carriers.

1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Black, Cotton

Are you looking for a carrier that will provide safe development for your baby? Then you will find the Baby Bjorn great at accomplishing that very purpose. It was designed to offer wholesome support for the baby so that they will develop into healthy active babies. With the extra padding in the interior of this carrier, you will find it extra-comfy to cuddle a newborn.

It will fit securely with the proper adjustments which prevent any chances for the baby slipping even if they are just a month old. This model is developed with the baby’s health in mind. The leg and hip areas are positioned correctly to allow the proper sitting of the baby. Not to mention, the baby will be able to move their hands and legs freely in the carrier; thus promoting healthy motor development. The head support is firm and adjustable. It gives the baby a comfy area where they will rest the head and the neck when carrying the baby facing in.

If you choose to carry the baby facing out, the head support can be folded out to provide a good view of the world. You’ll be using color-coded buckles that come with a safety click so that you are sure the baby is secured.

2. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Grey – 0-18 Months

This carrier gives you a hands-free experience. It allows holding the baby for hours so you can complete house duties and even have more time to explore the world with your baby. It can support your newborn by contouring to your child to provide support in all the right places. With a simple guess-tying style, you will be able to fasten this wrap in just a few minutes.

This way, you won’t be hassling with the wrap every time you need to take the baby with you to the grocery shop. With a stretch cotton fabric, you have a wrap made from solid material yet very flexible when it comes to nursing time. You will love how easy it is to feed your bambino since it will also form to your body and give you enough room to breastfeed in a comfortable position.

Boba wants you to go on and be adventurous with the help of a simple tie-and-go baby carrier. It is easy to clean, quick to tie, and it’s a soft, stretchy material. Knowing that it is breastfeeding-ready gives it even more practicality.

3. Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier – X-Small (Black)

If you get confused using the traditional wrap, then you are in for a smooth time with the Baby K’Original baby carrier. Designed to be of great help for new parents, this carrier is excellent for mothers who need a little help to tot a baby in their early months. The cotton fabric stretches one way to fit the baby’s size and you in the process. It comes with double loops with double fabric which allow the baby to rest and feel support from the head to the lumbar and even the hip area.

The International Hips Dysplasia Institute approves this carrier for the healthy hip development of your baby thanks to the double loops. You will not need to worry about stretching the baby’s hips, especially during the first few months. This baby carrier slips on like a t-shirt, and true to that, you can experience the comfort of not having to unwrap the carrier to hold your baby. You can now tot your baby fast as you won’t be wasting any minute with it. With the patented double-loop design it’s straightforward without dealing with buckles or rings.

4. Boba 4G Carrier

If you plan on wearing your baby carrier on your back (nice for you and your kiddo!), you’ll want the main piece of fabric to be generous and supportive along the baby’s spine. With the Boba 4G Carrier, you can start wearing a baby on your back once he hits 20 pounds. Back carrier instructions on the site can walk you through how to easily load in your child.

5. SIX-Position, 360 Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The Complete All Seasons (Stone)

First, we start with the supportive design that the LILLEbaby carrier explores. This carrier comes with an insert for infants and newborns. You won’t be going back to the store for more accessories for a comfortable fit. Better still, it is a lightweight model that will not weigh you down even before you insert the baby.

You will love the adjustable head support which will be vital for your infant’s head and neck support. The padding secures the baby’s head so they can rest in a controlled position.LILLEbaby is made from 100% cotton, and it includes a highly breathable 3D mesh. Your baby will not have to endure a hot carrier in summer’s heat thanks to the mesh. Air can circulate freely in and out of the carrier so that they will not be uneasy as you go about your daily tasks. We can’t exhaust everything there is to say about the LILLEbaby All Seasons Six-Position Carrier.

But we are confident it has every feature that every parent would want to have in their carrier. From the adjustable carrying positions to the mother’s lumbar support waistband, customized carrying, and mesh lining, LILLEbaby has done its homework on this one.

6. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Meet versatility on a whole new level with the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier. This model brings you the convenience of being structured and yet very easy to wear. It covers both aspects of baby carriers to fit moms who favor the tie-down style but with a firm frame for added support. The sash design is from the traditional ages, and it brings flexibility to the modern world.

One thing you’ll notice is that it adjusts to your body and the baby; hence you will be using it from the time the baby is born until they grow out of it. Infantino is inspired by Mei Tai an old style of babywearing. It offers a natural fit for you and the baby meaning it is great for all body types. With three wearing positions, a detachable hood, and a natural seat, we can agree that Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie is a winner.

7. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier- Separates to 2 Single Carriers

Caring for twin babies can be an overwhelming experience. The two got you covered as it has taken into consideration all the possible scenarios for carrying two babies. This carrier is our favorite since it has a back and front carrier following an ergonomic design. The two carriers are connected using sturdy buckles which you can use to separate them.TwinGo has designed a remarkable product for twin parents. It can be divided into two single carriers or be used as an ergonomic dual-baby carrier. It is an economical model knowing that buying two separate carriers can cost a lot more than just buying two separate models.

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