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To get the best results when creating a crepe, you need to look over the best crepe pans to find the one that is right for you. The crepe is a delicious delicacy developed in Brittany, France. The thin crepe is traditionally composed of buckwheat flour, though several alternatives are available on the modern market. To properly cook a crepe, you need a shallow pan that allows you to flip the delicate crepes after only one minute of cooking to finish cooking the remaining side. The bottom of the pan must be thick to ensure even heat. Otherwise, the crepe will burn in one area while it is barely browned in another. The Best Crepe Pans are lightweight with a handle that fits comfortably in the hand to facilitate the tossing of the crepe.

The Large Crepe Pan from Maxi Nature Kitchenware

It is a Maxi Nature Kitchenware crepe pan that is considered to be large. It is a pan that can handle crepes up to 10 inches in diameter. The shallow lip is ideal for flipping crepes from one side to the next. The bottom of this pan consists of four layers of har aluminum to ensure even heating along the 10-inch non-stick surface. The bakelite handle keeps the touch cool and is shaped to be comfortable in the palm. With this pan, there is no need to compromise your crepe with a non-stick spray.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan

Cuisinart produces this low-cost, non-stick crepe pan with a hard-anodized exterior that transfers an even heat across the entire surface of the interior of the pan. The exterior is dense, nonporous, and wear-resistant, providing a pan that is durable and reliable for professional as well as home use. The interior surface of the pan consists of a non-stick surface reinforces with titanium to lighten the pain and make for easy flipping of crepes. The pan is equipped with a stainless-steel handle that fits comfortably in the hand.

The De Buyer Crepe Pan

One of the smaller crepe pans on the market, this panhandles crepes up to eight inches in diameter. The pan is derived from blue steel that is seasoned with vegetable oil that improves with age. The non-stick quality of this pan comes from the seasoning, not from a special non-stick material. The pan is shallow and is ideal for those traditionalists who love to create omelets, pancakes, and crepes for a delicious and savory breakfast.

The Electric Crepe Pan from CucinaPro

The advantage of using this electric crepe pan is that you maintain constant control over the heat of the griddle area. The pan is expertly designed to ensure an even heat across the entire surface, unlike cheap electric griddles that depend on electrodes in a central area transferring its heat to the rest of the pan. The pan surface consists of a non-stick material that lets you use the supplied wood spreaders to manipulate the crepe while it cooks.

The Isiler Electric Crepe Pan

Isler designed this electric pan that is used to handle the light-handed process of cooking crepes. Its sides are minimal, and the surface is nonstick. This kit includes a wood crepe spreader and spatula to ensure that you do not use metal utensils on the pan surface. The heat is regulated through a 1080-Watt thermostat that provides you the power you need to handle anything from crepes to eggs and fried sandwiches. The 12-inch surface allows you to cook omelets of immense dimensions that will satisfy the largest of diets.

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