Best Home Solar Panels


When you’re going green, the great Home Solar Panels can help reduce your ecological footprint. These panels are used to collect energy from the sun during the day and store it in a battery; then, they convert that energy into electricity that you can use to charge devices or run other electronics. Solar panels are convenient in a wide variety of settings — install them on your RV to stay powered off the grid, use them on a boat, or carry small ones on camping trips. Since solar energy is a better investment, it’s important to pick the best model for your needs. To help, we’ve gathered the 5 best options on the market.

GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit

Power your small electronics with this GVSHINE kit. It comes with everything you need to get started with solar energy, including a solar panel, a DC system, LEDs, an iPhone adapter, and more. With all of these accessories, you can begin generating electricity right out of the box. The system is self-contained, so you can take it camping, RVing, or boating. The solar panel itself is flexible, which means that you can mount it to a curved surface to suit any application.

GVSHINE Solar Mobile Light System

Illuminate your off-grid cabin, RV, or boat with this GVSHIINE solar light system. Simply connect the included solar panels to the charging bank. As the sun hits the panels, the energy travels into the bank for use immediately or later. The included light bulbs and cables connect directly to the bank; use the flexible wire to suspend the bulbs where you need them the most. With the included USB port, you can charge a phone or tablet in addition to running the lights.

Renogy Solar Panel Suitcase

Expand your solar setup with this Renogy two-piece set. The panel folds out into a large unit, providing a wider surface area and more efficient energy collection. Use the built-in kickstand to support this unit in the yard or on top of your RV. When you’re ready to move in, simply fold it down and store it in the included suitcase for safe storage and transportation. This 100W panel is compatible with most battery systems, including gel, flooded, and lithium.

Portable Collapsible Solar Panel

When you’re traveling in an RV or boat, portability is a must. That’s where this SUNGZU unit comes in. The 130W solar panel features eight different sections, giving you plenty of room to collect solar energy. Between uses, the panel collapses down into a compact package that fits easily on a shelf or in a drawer. The exterior is made from 600D nylon that’s durable, flexible, and a breeze to set up on the grass or your roof. With a conversion rate of up to 25%, this system helps you get maximum energy from sunny days.

WindyNation 400 Watt

The WindyNation solar panel battery system is an excellent choice when you have demanding electricity needs. Four panels ensure efficient use, and the included deep-cycle batteries store energy until you need it. The 3000W solar panel inverter transforms solar energy into usable AC and DC power, making connections a breeze. With its high capacity and conveniently included components, this kit is ideal for off-grid cabins, large RVs, and home backup systems.

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