Best LED Vanity Mirrors


What is the purpose of looking for the Best LED Vanity Mirrors? Vanity mirrors have multiple uses. They serve as decorations in a bath as well as a reflector of your image. Vanity mirrors have existed for ages. Their primary purpose is as a makeup mirror. Most people get into the habit of staring at themselves in a vanity mirror without realizing that is what they are doing. Applying makeup is an art that cannot be performed without a mirror. Ask any actor or performer how they could apply their makeup without a mirror. The answer is, they couldn’t. The same applies to everyone applying makeup, or shaving, or brushing their hair. LED lights, a recent addition to vanity mirrors, provide the whitest light without patterns allowing you to see yourself as others see you.

Kinbon 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

It is made by Kinbon, a small mirror specifically for home use by any woman or man applying makeup. This mirror comes with a suction cup bottom that sticks to any smooth surface. You can attach it you the surface of your vanity or directly to your existing vanity mirror and still use it as it has a 360-degree turning radius. This mirror is lit from behind with soft white LED illumination to light up your face. With its 10X magnification, you can see every detail of your face.

Koolorbs Portable Tri-fold LED Vanity Mirror

You can carry the Koolorbs folding makeup mirror anywhere you go, and it will still light up your face anytime you open it up. The mirror has 21 LED bulbs buried beneath the surface surrounding the center mirror. The outer folds include mirrors that magnify 2X and 3X for your convenience. The mirror operates off two power sources, a USB cable, or four AAA batteries so that you will always have a perfect look no matter where you go.

Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

If you like the looks of your hanging vanity mirror the way it sits above your bathroom vanity, then this is the kit for you. These LED bulbs stick to your existing mirror to add a light display that illuminates the area and your face. The kit is an affordable way to update your mirror into the LED vanity mirror you always wanted. The kit includes ten dimmable LED lightbulbs that you can adjust to your liking. Its lights come attached to an 11-foot cord that is adjustable to accommodate mirrors of any size.

The Anjou Rechargeable LED-Lit Vanity Mirror

Anjou offers its version of the small LED-lit vanity mirror in two parts. The large mirror comes with a 1X magnification surface for an overall reflection. The small mirror has a 5X magnification that allows you to touch up those hard-to-see items that give your face that perfect look. Rechargeable batteries power both mirrors, and you can mount the small mirror on any smooth surface, including the main mirror of the set.

 LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror from Aesfee

If you are looking for a portable makeup mirror that switches from 1X magnification to 7X magnification with the swipe of a hand, this is the mirror for you. Aesfee constructed this mirror with two surfaces on flip sides so that you can change your magnification by simply flipping the mirror on its axis. 21 LED bulbs light the mirror beneath the surface that is positioned to give equal light to both sides of the mirror. The bulbs are powered by a rechargeable battery that is recharged through the supplied USB cable.

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