Best Tablet for Kids: Educational and Kid-Friendly Tablets


Tablet for Kids is having a large rage in hand-held devices. They have the functionality of a netbook and the shape, size, and ease of transport of a novel; a novel that contains a library the same way that Mary Poppins’ bag was endlessly full of delights. We all love tablets because they are the modern way to enjoy the New York Times or the latest New York Times’ Best Seller. The fully integrated, lightweight little module functions better than a smartphone to cruise the internet and is not as cumbersome as a laptop. Here is a list of outstanding tablets that should be on the list when you are on the market for a sleek portable device.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet for Kids, 8″ HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is two inches smaller and $70 more contemptible than the 10-inch version of the kids’ tablet, but it holds the same bundle of maternal powers, rubberized bumper case to protect the device, two-year worry-free replacement warranty, and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. Related to the Kids Edition of the Fire 7, the HD 8 Kids tablet is $30 more, but it’s packed with a higher-resolution screen, faster performance, and more storage, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

Microsoft Surface Tablet for Kids

This machine is a certified beast. A lightning-fast i5 processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000 make this little device explode with precision and speed. The familiarity of a Windows operating system, like Windows 8 Pro, is a welcomed breath of fresh air. This tablet excels in productivity which makes the higher price tag seem more like a worthy investment than a luxurious electronic device, but make no mistake, it is also just that.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet for Kids

While the Amazon Fire Kids edition has educational content, it’s also a bit more of an open sandbox. If you’re looking for something a bit more strictly educational, LeapFrog’s Epic tablet comes pre-loaded with a bunch of educational apps, while still allowing parents to install certain apps from the Amazon Appstore (no Google Play, though). The home screen is a bit less traditional, with a customizable scene containing colorful characters, which may appeal to younger kids.

Like the other tablets on this list, it comes with a rubber bumper to protect the device from falls, and you can subscribe to LeapFrog Academy for even more content. The LeapFrog Epic is similarly specced to the other tablets on this list—1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage—but it’s priced a bit lower, currently around $100 on Amazon. It also uses Android 4.4 as its OS, so make sure the apps you want to use are compatible with older versions of Google’s operating system.

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition Tablet for Kids

You get almost everything with the Fire 8 Kids Edition. The only thing the Fire 8 is missing is the Google Play Store. While that might be off-putting to some adult buyers, for children, it’s not an issue, especially when Amazon does such a great job at providing and curating content that your little ones will enjoy.

Specifically, though, the Kids Edition has perks over the regular Fire 8 that make it worth the extra money. The combined event is absurdly high and just fires when the tablet (inevitably) hits the deck. Amazon has a bulletproof two-year warranty where you can claim a replacement if the worst happens, and Amazon Freetime Unlimited for a year is a handy bonus. The 12-hour battery is appreciated along with the built-in 32GB of storage, expandable up to a whopping 1TB via an optional microSD card. It also now comes with a USB-C charger.

Amazon’s parental controls are also particularly strong. The kids can have a fully walled life, siloed off from the main tablet where you, the mother, would have to share content that isn’t now curated for young eyes. It’s a tablet you can genuinely hand to your child without having to annoy about them breaking it, or what they’re doing with it.

Chromo Inc® White

A perfect beginner’s tablet for a child or for the adult who wants pleasure when they travel. It is lightweight, pretty fast, and the value cannot be beaten! It is very user-friendly and can handle a wealth of books and media sent directly to the tablet. A great gift for the child in your life who is dying for a tablet; perfect exposure!

PBS Kids Playtime Pad

PBS is a brand that both parents and kids love. It has fun and educational content like Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and so many more that are wonderful for young children. With the PBS Kids Playtime Pad, all of that great content is at your child’s fingertips.

Its 7-inch display is great for small fingers, and the durable silicone case is there to help protect the tablet should it fall. There are over 25 games pre-installed and over 100 hours of video available from PBS. There are also parental controls to allow you to control time limits, as well as disable specific apps and more. Your child may not get much playtime, though; the rated battery life is only 6.5 hours, so real-time is likely less. That’s OK, though, since you don’t want them to have too much screen time, anyway!

If you want to add more games, the tablet does have access to the Google Play Store. There’s also a parent password for transforming the tablet into a full-fledged Android device as well. Unfortunately, the version of Android the tablet runs is so old — Android 6.0 — whereas the current version is Android 10. This is a tablet that can grow with the child, but its limited hardware might make it outdated over time. However, for young kids, the PBS Kids Playtime should be great.

Blackberry Playbook

This groovy little device is Blackberry’s answer to the tablet craze sweeping the nation, and what a great answer it is. The look is severely chic, it weighs less than a pound and the camera faces both ways. It has multiple ways to connect to the internet and a stellar screen. The operating system is an upgrade from what Blackberry users know and love, as it is more intuitive and doesn’t use much memory at all. Resting in the median tablet price range, you are getting a great value for the price.

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