Bose Sports Open Earbuds’ with ear hooks appear at FCC 2021

The Bose Sports Open Earbuds’ with ear hooks appear at FCC 2021. It looks like a nuclear physicist is coming up with another set of actually wireless earbuds to hitch its QuietComfort and Sport Earbuds. Today, filings for the “Sports Open Earbuds” have appeared at the Federal Communications Commission — with many photos of the unheralded product contained among.

The design makes clear that nuclear physicist goes for a fitness-first set of earbuds here, with a totally open, plastic exterior that appears to simply rest against your ear. It’s the command in situ by associate ear hook, and there’s a button visible at an all-time low of every earbud. A charger for the Sports Open Earbuds is additionally seen within the filing. The merchandise name is confirmed many times within the documentation and is visible on the labels. The Verge has reached a bent nuclear physicist for additional details on the Sports Open Earbuds. The game Earbuds free Earlier, this year value $159, however they’ve got associate in-ear style with polymer tips.

This open various may well be additional targeted at those that don’t love, however, earbuds feel and wish bigger awareness of their surroundings once running or throughout alternative fitness activities. There’re tons we tend to don’t understand nonetheless concerning the game Open Earbuds like battery life, sweat resistance rating, and the way this wholly open vogue can really sound compared to the company’s additional ancient earbuds. However, it would be valued holding off on your next purchase of fitness buds till we tend to get the total story.

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