Cambridge Audio Ads Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier 2021

Cambridge Audio Ads Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier 2021

British audio specialist Cambridge Audio Ads Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier 2021 has simply disclosed a replacement monoblock power electronic equipment, a recent addition to the firm’s high-end Edge series. The new Edge M takes the principle styles of the prevailing Edge W power electronic equipment (while we’ve not had the pleasure, the sting A integrated amp received a glowing five-star review from the United States over the summer, as did the sting NQ pre-amp and network streamer presently when launching) and applies it to a monoblock style, promising double the facility and a “more trustworthy, dynamic sound with less distortion.”

Cambridge Audio Ads Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier 2021: Design

The new Edge M takes the principle styles of the present Edge W power electronic equipment, and applies it to a monoblock style, delivering double the ability and a lot of trustworthy, dynamic sound with less distortion. Edge M includes a fantastically stripped-down style, with the sting series’ trademark curving extruded metallic element front, and floating high plate gift across each box. Balanced and unbalanced inputs square measure provided alongside speaker outputs, and underneath this stripped-down exterior lies some extraordinary audio engineering within.


  • Constant power output: 200W RMS into eight Ohms; 350W RMS into four Ohms
  • THD (unweighted): <0.002% 1kHz at rated power (8 Ohms); <0.02% 20Hz — 20kHz at rated power (8 Ohms)
  • Frequency response: <3Hz–>80kHz+/-1dB
  • S/N magnitude relation (ref 1W into eight Ohm): >93 dB
  • S/N magnitude relation (ref gamma-hydroxybutyrate power): >115 dB
  • Gain: 28dB (RCA); 22dB (XLR)
  • Input sensitivity: one.7V RMS (RCA) / three.4V RMS (XLR)
  • Input impedance: Balanced 100k Ohm; Unbalanced 47k Ohm
  • Inputs: Balanced, Unbalanced
  • Outputs: Speaker, Loop out
  • Max power consumption: 1000W
  • Standby power consumption: <0.5W
  • Dimensions: a hundred and fifty x 460 x 405 millimeter (5.9 x 18.1 x 15.9 in)
  • Weight (kg): twenty-three.6 weight unit (52 lbs).

Twice the power

Edge M retains the characteristic clarity and musical depth of its Edge W stereo counterpart however, as a result of every unit drives one speaker, the facility output is doubled to 200W RMS into eight Ohms. As a result, Edge M delivers additional easy dynamics, and a less strained sound, still with less distortion per channel and between the channels. With Edge M additionally absolutely balanced from input to output, it’s immune from noise and distortion.

Effortless power with minimal distortion

Cambridge Audio’s distinctive category XA amplification format employed in Edge A and Edge W amplifiers is additionally found in Edge M. category XA amplification technology offers the sound quality of a category A style, however, is additional economical because it produces less heat, and shifts the crossover show of hearable vary, leading to a cleaner sound. Edge M uses opposing symmetry twin solid electrical device style that cancels out stray magnetic force interference, whereas, at the constant time giving outstanding power and maintaining consistent musical notation even at loud volumes.

Powerfully subtle sound:

Even with the vast power behind it, Edge M’s sonic performance is remarkably elaborate and finely balanced. Victimization the sting series’ attribute of selecting elements that merely sound the most effective, Edge M delivers associate imposingly elaborate three-dimensional sound with hanging staging and focus. Similar to the sting W, Cambridge Audio’s engineers have worked onerous to attenuate the number of elements within the Edge M’s signal path, making certain there are fewer barriers between you and therefore, the music you like. As a result, Edge M delivers a lot of devoted copies of the initial recording.

Price and availability:

18th November, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — British audio specialists Cambridge Audio has accessories the sting M monoblock power electronic equipment to its acclaimed high-end Edge series of hi-fi elements. Edge M monoblock power electronic equipment is meant to partner utterly with alternative Edge elements in Cambridge Audio’s Edge series, like the versatile Edge NQ amplifier network streamer. Cambridge Audio Edge M monoblock power electronic equipment is priced at £3,999 / $4,000 / €4,499 and can be obtainable in December 2020.

An Introduction to the Edge Series | Cambridge Audio

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