Cowboy 3 review 2020

The Cowboy 3 could be a terribly spectacular hybrid-style e-bike for fuss-free urban riding. It offers associate unbelievably sleek ride because of its powerful motor, use of a carbon belt in situ of a series, and absence of gears. Cowboy three is very simple to line up and ride. The quick-start guide walks you through the method and even includes the Allen keys necessary to regulate the seat height and straighten the handlebars. Cowboy offers its own repair and maintenance service thus, there’s no have to be compelled to book an arrangement at a motorbike look (whose workers would virtually actually be unfamiliar the Cowboy’s uncommon design).

Cowboy says that the aim was to predict what users can like and that we believe it’s done thus with sang-froid, resolving within they would like for fast starts at traffic lights, a speedy recovery once low-speed accidents, and visibility in poor conditions. Actually, mudguards are redesigned to raise adjust the bumps of cobbled or patched streets. The chief drawback is the Cowboy three solely comes in one frame size that is intended with the peak of the everyday man in mind. It suits a large variety of heights. However, are overlarge for the typical girl. Hopefully, Cowboy four can build the super sleek ride on the market to a lot of individuals.

Cowboy 3 review: Design

Some e-bikes, just like the Ribble Hybrid AL e, may well be simply mistaken for standard bicycles, however, the Cowboy three wears its electrical heart on its sleeve. The rear hub motor is tiny and unnoticeable, however, the big electrical converter on the seat tube and integrated lights mean there aren’t any questions on its nature. It’s sleek and trendy with no flashy graphics however it undoubtedly will attract attention. Taking it on the train, we tend to overhear many fellow passengers commenting thereon — notably the carbon belt, that replaces the standard oily chain to reduce maintenance and keep your garments clean and minimize maintenance.

If there aren’t any chain and equipment rings, there’s nothing to slide. At 16.9 kg (2.4 kg of that is the battery), the quality verbal description Cowboy three is certainly one among the lighters e-bikes around. The non-mandatory mudguards solely add a 1kg and area unit a really wise addition if you’ll be victimization it for traveling. However, if you’re progressing to shoulder it, remember that situation of the battery pack and motor suggests that it’s considerably heavier at the rear. Balance it consequently, and pay attention to the stairs. The riding position is fairly upright, supplying you with a decent read of the road ahead. It’s simply a shame there is just one frame size. Cowboy says this is often optimized for riders between five’ 5 and 6′ four tall, which can suit the everyday man, however, leaves out most girls, whose average height is 5’3 within the kingdom, and Australia, and 5’4 within the United States.

The tires are revisited since the Cowboy two, and area unit currently puncture-resistant, and hydraulic disc brakes for lots of stopping power (essential once a motorcycle accelerates as fleetly as this). While there’s no substitute for a solid oversubscribed Secure lock, the Cowboy three additionally has AN anti-theft system that warns you if the bike is being rapt once you’re not at intervals Bluetooth range). It’ll additionally tell you concerning the bike’s location that is very helpful if you wish to urge the police concerned. We additionally just like the indisputable fact that the battery will solely be removed with a physical key. It pops off simply once unlatched, however is otherwise secured firmly in situ.

Thieves typically target e-bike batteries and sell them for scrap (it’s abundant easier than stealing a complete bike), therefore either taking the battery away with you or protecting it in situ can build their lives abundant tougher. The ability merely} take away the battery additionally makes for easier charging — you’ll simply plug it in beneath your table to charge instead of having to maneuver the complete bike near to AN outlet. The Cowboy is provided with integrated front and taillights, that illuminate mechanically once you unlock the bike and may be turned off and on with a fast faucet of a button within the app. We’d powerfully advocate keeping them switched on in the slightest degree times for additional visibility — part owing to the bike’s matte black frame, and part as a result it’s therefore, very quiet. A lot of on it during a moment.

Cowboy 3 review: Performance

Cowboy 3’s motor kicks at the instant you push off, providing you with a far quicker and easier begin than a standard bike. It’s perceptibly quicker to have interaction than alternative e-bikes we’ve tested recently, and makes the bike glorious for stop-start town traffic, permitting you to maneuver off quickly at lights and creating hill starts a breeze. We had the chance to check the Cowboy two in London last year, and there are many refined, However, noticeable upgrades to the bike’s third iteration.

These embody a brand-new gear mechanism that is currently designed for a high-speed of 27-28 km per hour, is cleaner, needs less maintenance, is hid higher, and is a smaller amount screeching. In fact, Cowboy three is the quietest electrical bike we’ve ridden thus far. The motor is just about voiceless, even once operating flat-out, there’s no chain noise, and no sound of adjusting gears. On a sleek stretch of tarmac, the sole noise is the puncture-protected tires on the road. Cowboy estimates a typical vary of forty-three .5 miles, which is spectacular, however, as a result of there aren’t any power levels to decide on from, you’ll to ‘lock’ the motor and ride unassisted on the flats if you wish to eke out some further distance.

Cowboy 3 review: A companion app

Before the victimization Cowboy 3, we do tend to powerfully suggest finance in an exceeding bar mount for your phone, which is able to become a handy bike laptop with help from the Cowboy app. It’s easy to use (much additional (therefore) than Mahle’s somewhat uneven Ebikemotion app), giving a couple of straightforward controls and turn-by-turn voice navigation. Simply zoom out of the map, faucet wherever you wish to travel, and also the app can calculate the optimum route. It’s a shame they’re no thanks to entering a destination employing a code, however, that’s a minor criticism — notably considering maps area unit fully free (unlike those in Ebikemotion).

Once you’ve put in the Cowboy app (available for each mechanical man and iOS), created an associate account, and paired your bike victimization the equipped QR code, you’ll be able to unlock the bike whenever you’re close by merely holding a button on-screen for a couple of seconds. You’ll be able to conjointly value more highly to have the bike unlock itself mechanically once you are among Bluetooth vary. The bike isn’t immobilized once ‘locked’ — it merely implies that the motor won’t kick in once somebody begins riding. You’ll still invest in an exceedingly sensible quality bike lock, and watch out wherever you permit it.

Cowboy 3 could be a looker and undoubtedly attracts attention. The bike may notice if you’re in an exceedingly crash, victimization in-built sensors to notice if it’s suddenly stopped and gone over, whereas, the pressure was being applied to the pedals. If this happens, the bike’s lights can begin to pulse, and also the Apple prompts you to retort to verify that you’re fine. If you don’t do therefore quickly, the bike can send a message to associate emergency contact, together with your location (determined victimization GPS). Rather, embarrassingly, we do tend to do manage to slide at one purpose and take a fall throughout testing, however hadn’t got wind of the emergency contact at the time. We can, however, make sure that the bike still worked dead once a sideways knock that may in all probability have dislodged the chain on a unique bike.

Cowboy 3 review: Instructions

You can buy it if;

  • Your commute to a city

The Cowboy three is good for town riding due to its lightweights, quick acceleration at traffic lights, and good touches like inherent lights and mudguards.

  • You’re not comfortable with bike maintenance

Setup is easy, and with no chain or gears and puncture-proof tires, there is little or now to stress regarding. Cowboy’s own repair service is accessible if necessary.

  • You have a hilly journey to work

The Cowboy 3’s powerful motor can iron out the bumps in your journey with solely a touch additional input from you leading to an enormous boost in output.

You should not buy it if;

  • You enjoy tinkering

The Cowboy 3 is intended to be as maintenance-free as attainable, that is superb if you need to urge on and ride, however, less therefore if you prefer obtaining your bike abreast of a stand and obtaining your hands oily.

  • You’re below 5’5 tall

Cowboy 3 is merely on the market in one frame size (medium/large), that could be a real shame and its biggest downside.

  • You don’t have secure bike parking

This bike is undeniably enticing, and can positively stand to go in the gang. Automatic larceny detection could be a great tool, however not one you would like to ever use.

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