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Superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance all of these are the fundamental characteristics of edra. Edra was born in 1987 in Tuscany. Today Edra is known all over the world for the absolute quality of its products, that join artistic tradition, technological research, high manual expertise, and very high-quality materials.
Edra creates exclusive and timeless products since always. The sofas, armchairs, and all other products of the edra collection are designed and realized in such an accurate way that makes them unmistakable and unique, to be experienced with the maximum pleasure.

They remain a heritage forever. A search for quality and the constant pursuit of product innovation has led edra to develop exclusive solutions for its sofas. Edra’s Development Centre can rely on highly skilled and selected labor that knows how to masterly treat all the steps in the manufacturing process. The technical quality of the materials is certified and always aims at offering the highest level of comfort.
Edra represented Italian excellence at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 and Pyeongchang, Korea, in 2018. In addition, edra believes and supports culture, publishes books that tell the beauty of Italy and its products.

Flap Sofa

An original typology for a sofa accommodated in only fourteen centimeters of depth, that renews the traditional concept of sitting, and multiplies performance. The satiny shape of the upholstered base offers nine parts that can each recline at six different angles. Each one can be used at will as backrest, armrest, headrest, seat or footrest.
This multi-functional sofa can also be used as a day bed for two or workspace when almost completely horizontal.

Absolu Sofa

A distinct sofa. Normal, extraordinary, timeless. Absolutely it is the best because it is enhanced with what we call movable “smart” cushions, pliable to preference with slight movements to satisfy any possible desire for comfort.
A substantial smart cushion that you can move to any socket of the backrest and armrest. It has a cushion that you can raise, lower, tilt separately to the left or right with a light and pleasant movement. It is a padded sofa with high style, designed to withstand time and trends. Its Seats have different shapes, sizes, and depths to satisfy every desire of comfort.

Pack Sofa

It is a design that truly magnificent, Pack is an exciting home landscape inspired by one of nature’s glorious creatures. The big seating system evokes an ice pack, while its splendid backrest is reminiscent of a polar bear. A statement system manufactured for exceptional comfort, Pack is an innovative, unique, and unconventionally brilliant design that situates gracefully in any setting.

On the Rocks Sofa

It is designed by Francesco Binfaré, On The Rocks is a nature-inspired piece crafted for quality and comfort. Reminiscent of the rocks on the seashore, this clever concept combines creativity, imagination, and comfort to make it alluring interior. Composed using multiple elements, this fashionable system is structured using different shapes and sizes to allowing a comfortable finish.

Margherita Armchair

A mesmerizing design, Margherita is an elegant high and revolving armchair with rounded lines and slender shape. It’s innovative and endearing structure is made entirely by hand, allowing each piece to possess their own sole detail and beauty. It is available in four variations this unique seating solution is a welcomed addition to any residential or commercial space, whether it be amber, gold aquamarine blue, or kermes red.

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