iOS 14 Now Running on 81 Percent of iPhone Models Released in Last Four Years, Apple Says

iOS 14 is currently running on 81% of all iPhone models introduced within the last four years, Apple has shared on its developer support page. Apple conjointly shared iPad OS usage numbers on the page, as measured on December fifteen. It conjointly states that solely 2 % of iPhone users are on iOS twelve or older versions. Overall, out of all the iPhone models out there, 72% use iOS fourteen. Apple introduced iOS 14 to the public in Sep. As per the Apple developer support page, iOS fourteen is getting used in 81% of all devices launched within the last four years. Out of those, 17% of phones are running iOS thirteen whereas the remaining 2 % are on AN older iOS version.

Out of all the iPhone models getting used, 72% are running iOS fourteen whereas 18% are running iOS thirteen. The remaining 10% are running iOS twelve or older. Apple conjointly shared statistics for iPad OS adoption, stating that 75% of iPad models that were launched within the last four years are running iPad fourteen. IPadOS thirteen is getting used by 22 % of users and therefore, the remaining 3 % are on AN older iPad version. Overall, 61 % of all iPad models getting used are running iPadOS fourteen, whereas, 22 % are on iPadOS thirteen. Others are on an ancienter version of iPadOS. Apple free iOS fourteen and iPadOS fourteen for the public back in Sep and considering a fundamental measure of simply 3 months, the adoption rate is sort of spectacular.

This can be the most likely because of the new options that the Cupertino company introduced with iOS fourteen like widgets, improved Siri support, numerous accessibility options, AN App library, and more. Apple has conjointly been emotional frequent updates for iOS fourteen with the most recent being iOS fourteen.3.

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