iPhone 13 release: date, price, features, specs, and news

The iPhone 13 isn’t a game-changer for Apple’s collection of smartphones, however, it’s a critical new release that gives higher battery lifestyles, a higher processor, and an upgraded digital digicam setup than iPhones which have long passed earlier than it. If you’re seeking out a quick and successful smartphone, and don’t want the more functions of the pricier Pro model, that is a pinnacle choice.

iPhone 13 release date and price 

The iPhone 13 collection become introduced on September 14 at the organization’s release event, with pre-orders starting on September 17. The iPhone thirteen launch date is September 24, and not like with 2020’s iPhone 12 collection, you will be capping a position to shop for the brand new handsets on an equal day.

The iPhone 13 begins offevolved at $799 / £779 / AU$1,349, that’s the equal fee because the iPhone 12 withinside the US and Australia, and a hint inexpensive withinside the UK. The iPhone 12 cost $799 / £799 / AU$1,349 at release.

You’ll get 128GB of a garage for that fee – Apple has dropped its 64GB fashions this 12 months, and now no longer earlier than time. If you want extra garage, the 256GB iPhone thirteen costs $899 / £879 / AU$1,519, at the same time as the 512GB version costs $1,099 / £1,079 / AU$1,869.

If the one’s charges are a piece of a stretch, the iPhone thirteen mini has comparable specifications however is a now no longer-insignificant quantity inexpensive, beginning at $699 / £679 / AU$1,199, at the same time as going withinside the different route you’ve were given the iPhone thirteen Pro and iPhone thirteen Pro Max in case you’re seeking out better specifications and, withinside the case of the latter telecellsmartphone, a bigger display screen.


If you personal an iPhone 12, you’re not going to peer a large distinction between that handset and the iPhone thirteen. If, however, you personal an older iPhone, or an Android device, you’re going to peer a few differences. The new iPhone functions a flat-part layout, which debuted with the iPhone 12 range. That way the layout is a hint extra angular than the rounded end of preceding iterations, however, the telecellsmartphone remains snug to apply one-passed. The front and rear of the handset are glass, however, the handiest the front panel has Apple’s patented Ceramic Shield generation, brought on final 12 months’ iPhone 12.

Apple says this gives 4 instances of the drop resistance of the glass on older iPhones, however, we nonetheless wouldn’t propose placing this declare to the test. We’ve but to drop this handset, however, it’s comforting to realize that the Ceramic Shield tech is there as a protection net – even though we’d be extra comforted if it becomes at the rear of the telecellsmartphone too. On the challenge of durability, the iPhone thirteen collection is IP68 dirt and water-resistant, because of this that it may live on in up to 6 meters of water for a length of 30 minutes.

Don’t count on this handset to be waterproof, however, it’ll live on the abnormal dunk. On the left fringe of the telecellsmartphone are the silence switch, the quantity buttons, and the SIM tray. The proper part hosts simply the strength button, so it’s smooth to locate together along with your thumb or finger while you’re looking to wake the handset. On the lowest part are the speakers, and the Lightning port connector for charging and records transfer.

We discovered the iPhone thirteen become smooth to apply one-passed – it measures 146.7 x 71. five x 7.7mm – even though in case you need a virtually one-passed device, or you’ve got smaller hands, the iPhone thirteen mini can be a higher choice. The iPhone thirteen weighs a hint extra than the iPhone 12, at 174g as compared to 164g, however, it’s now no longer something you’ll be aware of in regular use, and it’s more or less the norm for a telecellsmartphone of this type.

The rear of the iPhone thirteen is plain, however seems sophisticated, with the Apple brand taking a middle degree and the digital digicam module on the top-left. A minor alternate this 12 month is that the organization has opted to set up the principle lenses withinside the digital digicam array diagonally, as opposed to vertically as on preceding iPhones. There are 5 sedation alternatives for the iPhone thirteen: Blue, Midnight, Starlight (a cream shadeation), Product Red and Pink – the coloration you spot pictured in the course of this review.

These sun sunglasses are instead muted, and in case you’re now no longer keen on any of them you could need to grasp on and spot if Apple introduces extra colors at a later date – the organization brought a pink iPhone 12 round six months after that telecellsmartphone first launched. If you personal an iPhone 12, you ought to word that the instances for that handset won’t match the brand new version.


The show at the iPhone 13 is 6.1 inches, with a decision of 2532 x 1170. It’s a Super Retina XDR OLED show made via way of means of Apple, and it makes for a clean and vibrant image – the brightness has been progressed at the iPhone thirteen, and it may preserve its personal in opposition to different smartphones in direct sunlight. That decision equates to 460 pixels in keeping with inch, which isn’t the high-quality we’ve visibly available in the marketplace however is flawlessly appropriate for regular use – we didn’t locate we ever wanted a better decision, even if looking a video or gambling games.

There are skinny bezels across the handset’s display screen, and a number of the show is likewise taken up with the notch on the top. Yes, there’s nonetheless a notch at the iPhone 13, however, it’s 20% smaller than the notch at the iPhone 12, supplying you with a hint of extra display screen actual estate. It’s now no longer a large alternate, however, it’s great while you evaluate the handset to the iPhone 12. It’s something you’ll quickly develop used to though.

A critical word right here is that the iPhone thirteen show doesn’t get the brand new 120Hz refresh charge that Apple debuted at the iPhone thirteen Pro and thirteen Pro Max – the shows on the ones telephones refresh two times as rapid as a fashionable 60Hz display screen for a smoother enjoy while scrolling net pages or gambling games. If you’ve skilled this generation earlier than – it’s now not unusual to place on loads of Android telephones – you’ll be aware of the distinction right here, even though it’s a function that’s pleasant to have, as opposed to indispensable.


Going at the headline specs, the iPhone thirteen digital digicam setup doesn’t appear that exceptional from the array on the remaining year’s model, however, you’re getting a few profitable improvements right here, with tweaks to the cameras themselves in addition to loads of software program updates.

You’ve were given cameras at the rear: a 12MP huge digital digicam with an aperture of f/1.6, and a 12MP ultrawide digital digicam with a f/2.four aperture and a 120-diploma subject of view. There’s no telephoto shooter wherein – you’re reliant on virtual zoom, so this telecellsmartphone isn’t going to be the first-rate for grabbing long-distance photographs.

When now no longer taking pictures at a distance, which is an extraordinary and flexible enjoy. The important digital digicam makes use of 1.7µm pixels (up from 1.4µm at the iPhone 12) that provide a sizeable distinction to the photo pleasant right here.

You’re additionally getting Apple’s Sensor-Shift OIS technology, which debuted in remaining year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, and which gives the first-rate photo stabilization we’ve visible on an iPhone, allowing you to get sharp photographs even whilst you’re now no longer capable of preserving the telecellsmartphone flawlessly still.

There’s much less noise in photos taken in maximum situations than in similar photographs from the iPhone 12, and there have been few conditions wherein the digital digicam didn’t carry out to the extent we’d expect – it’s an outstanding point-and-shoot enjoy. The ultra-huge digital digicam’s 120-diploma subject of view is beneficial whilst you need to get greater of your difficulty or scene in, however, we generally observed ourselves sticking with the primary digital digicam.

There’s virtual zoom as much as 5x, however, the effects aren’t very staggering, and you’ll discover that many different smartphones are greater success in this area, even though it’s in no way a vital function.

Another new function right here is Photographic Styles, which you may get entry to thru the digital digicam app. These allow you to use custom seems on your photos, including Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm and Cool. These are beneficial when you have a specific fashion of taking pictures, and the concept is that not like an easy clear out they’ll permit the telecellsmartphone to use modifications to exceptional factors of a photo. We didn’t discover this made a large distinction to our taking pictures, however, it’s any other device to your pictures arsenal.

On the front of the telecellsmartphone is a 12MP f/2.2 huge digital digicam that we observed labored properly for selfies and video calls. The front cameras on iPhones were staggering for a while now, and at the same time as there aren’t any massive upgrades right here, you’ll be glad about the effects you get.

You can shoot video at the iPhone thirteen at 4K at 24, 30, and 60 frames in step with second, in addition to Full HD at 30, 60, 120, and 240fps.

The massive video recording improvement is the creation of Cinematic Mode that lets you to a movie with a bokeh impact wherein the history of your shot is blurred. The impact additionally follows faces which can be withinside the frame, so it’s going to transfer among subjects.

We’ve observed this to paintings properly, however it takes a few being used to and you could want to mess around with it in some instances to get absolutely the best shot. This is a laugh device though, and it is something you could experience if you want gambling round with video modes.

Battery life

Apple’s handsets have by no means been regarded for robust battery lifestyles, and even as the iPhone thirteen doesn’t provide the first-rate stamina we’ve ever visible in a smartphone, it’s a clean development on preceding iPhones.

We’ve but to discover if Apple has extended the scale of the cells withinside the iPhone thirteen, however, the boom in battery lifestyles right here indicates so. Rumors in advance of the iPhone thirteen release recommended that Apple could be growing the scale of the batteries in each model.

According to Apple’s estimates, the iPhone thirteen and iPhone thirteen Pro Max are set to provide a higher battery lifestyle withinside the collection. We’ve discovered the battery lifestyles to be substantially advanced in comparison to the iPhone 12 and what has long passed earlier than it.

During our trying out time, the iPhone thirteen made it via each day with sufficient rate withinside the tank to maintain going for as a minimum every other couple of hours.

On one day, we have driven the telecellsmartphone to its absolute limits via way of means of making sure the display became on for the whole day streaming video from YouTube and different offerings from 10:30 am till eleven pm. We have been not able to kill the telecellsmartphone, and it remained with 20% battery lifestyles.

That became with the display on complete brightness for 8 hours and forty-eight minutes. As we’ve said, this isn’t the first-rate battery lifestyle you’ll locate in a smartphone – many Android options can be capable of final longer – however, that is a huge step up for Apple, and it’ll make the iPhone an extra compelling choice for lots capability buyers.

Wireless charging makes a go back right here, and in case you’ve were given a well-suited charger, you’ll be capable of hit 15W charging. That’s a long way from the quickest wi-fi charging at the market, however, it’s nevertheless beneficial to have in case you don’t like having to plug your telecellsmartphone in, or you’re low on battery and locate yourself with a Qi charger to hand.

As with the iPhone 12 collection, you won’t get a charger withinside the field with the iPhone thirteen. The intention right here is to reduce down on e-waste, and Apple’s common sense is that you’re probable to have a Lightning charger from a preceding iPhone purchase.

If you don’t, you may purchase a charger from Apple for $19 / £19 / AU$29, even as they’re also are third-birthday birthday celebration alternatives that could fee less.

You may additionally need to improve your charger to make the maximum of that 20W charging, which many older iPhone chargers aren’t successful with.

Specs and performance

Apple’s iPhone thirteen collection all function the company’s new A15 Bionic chipset, its modern strive at making the maximum effective phone chipset on the planet. Apple says it has a 50% faster CPU and 30% fast3r GPU than the competition.

Whatever the accuracy of these claims, Apple’s new handset is undeniably effective, and at the same time as ordinary overall performance won’t be particularly exceptional from what you’d get from the iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, this may be a large step up for the ones the use of an iPhone eight or below.

During our checking out, we observed that the iPhone thirteen ought to release apps in an instant, and turned into effortlessly able to swapping among apps with a restrained look forward to every to load.

Gaming at the handset turned into additionally a breeze, with titles loading as fast as we’ve visible on different merchandise just like the iPad Pro (one of all Apple’s maximum effective gadgets in 2021). Games appeared extraordinary at the OLED display, with that GPU overall performance improvements in particular sizeable. Geekbench five rankings in shape our checking out with the telecellsmartphone having a mean multi-middle rating of 4688. The iPhone 12 scored 3859 withinside the equal test, at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S21 scored 3367 and the OnePlus nine Pro scored 3630.

Apple has made any other massive step up right here, however, it’s maximumly sizeable in benchmarking effects. The ordinary enjoy is equal, however, it’ll be a marked step up from plenty of older iPhone models.

The A15 Bionic chipset is teamed with 4GB of RAM, and that’s sufficient to preserve it jogging at a complete tilt. That’s much less RAM than you’d see on maximum equal Android phones, however, Apple doesn’t appear to want plenty of RAM to make the maximum of its A15 Bionic.

Your garage alternatives are 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB, and in case you’re making plans to load your telecellsmartphone up with media over more than one year we’d advocate choosing the 256GB or 512GB variant; despite iCloud support, 128GB can also additionally show smooth to fill up. Apple has, at least, dropped the ridiculously meager 64GB garage alternative that’s been its base providing for the previous few years.

The iPhone thirteen collection is 5G-ready, and it’s satisfactory to recognize that you’re future-proofed for the next-gen tech, even in case you don’t but want it or it’s now no longer to be had wherein you are – it’s turning into more and more widespread, and the iPhone thirteen can be well-matched with any 5G carrier.

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