Best Kartell Furniture

Best Kartell Furniture

Kartell Furniture
Kartell Furniture

The Kartell Furniture collection is multipurpose, diverse, user friendly, and undeniably aesthetically pleasing. Colorful, subtle, sensory, transparent, and featuring unique shapes combined with unique objects, Kartell products are instantly recognizable throughout the world thanks to the emotions they evoke, their long-lasting functionality, and their undisputed quality.

The brand develops products by continually improving how materials are used and experimenting with new technologies to uncover previously unknown properties.

This is essential both when striving for functional performance and when creating new aesthetic qualities. As a result of this continual research, Kartell has been able to introduce satin finishes, transparency, flexibility, resistance to weathering, softness, and tactile surfaces.

Clap Flowers by Kartell

An explosion of spring in the brand-new floral fabrics in a range of patterns used to upholster Kartell’s historical chairs, such as Clap and Foliage by Patricia Urquiola, Trix by Piero Lissoni, and the new Cara chair by Philippe Starck in an outdoor version.

Be Bop by Kartell

Here’s a project that brings different languages together. A chair that combines several expressions in a single vocabulary and tracing the lines of the most traditional carved African stools or merging them with the American design of the golden years, echoing the concept of curved multilayer plywood.

The result is a cultured yet wild design: it is no mere coincidence that Bebop, its name, represents the jazz movement, characterized by fast tempo and innovative harmonies. Available in white, grey, and black for indoor and outdoor versions and with a gold medal(material) finish in the indoor version only.

FL/Y by Kartell

An essential lamp that is characterized by the “subtle interpretations of the theme”. It is Made in transparent methacrylate in all the colors of the rainbow, the cover is not perfectly hemispherical but the cut-off is underneath the height of the diameter to collect the most light.

What’s more, the special transparency of the material and the sheen of the colors bring to mind a soap bubble, iridescent with reflections of light. Normally they are packaged singly but also come in compositions that enhance their delicate chromatic variations. As Material batch-dyed PMMA is used.

Glossy marble by Kartell

This historical family of tables, ideal for both home and office and characterized by elegant and refined design, is enriched by new marble finishes. Round or oval tops are available in versions in ceramic with a white, black, or grey marble finish tropical, symphonie, brown Emperador, aged bronze, and a chrome-plated, gilt, or black-painted steel structure.

The light chrome-plated, gilt, or painted steel structure with its particular use of the cross element that joins the legs on each of the four sides, supports the top, available in a range of materials.

Betty by Kartell

A new two or three-seater sofa with a thin profile and delicate shapes. Designed by Lissoni & Partners. The architectonic ID of this product is 1549097. This product is manufactured by the Seating-Sofas group.

Armchair 4801 by Kartell

Kartell pays homage for the first time to one of the most archetypal pieces in its museum and now reissued – the armchair designed by Joe Colombo, an authentic symbol of design in the sixties, and now much sought-after in auctions of modern historical pieces.

These are also Well-known for being the only piece produced by Kartell made entirely of wood, with today’s industrial technology that same product can be made using transparent plastic to reproduce the curving sinuous lines of the piece.

As Material transparent technopolymer thermoplastic is used. The Size: is L. 62 cm, D. 64 cm, H. 25/59. These are available in crystal and black colors.

Gastone by Kartell

Gastone is an elegant and practical folding trolley with a varnished plastic top surface and chromed steel support. It is available in different five shades like white, black, blue, plum, and cream. In this product, castors are a formal feature and ensure functional mobility.

Once it is closed, its depth will be 23 cm. It can be conveniently and easily folded away. Top: hi-tech polymers and plastics treated with microspherical glass beads and scratch-proof paint, Frame: chrome-plated steel and polished aluminum feet are used as materials.

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