L.O.L. Surprise Toys


L.O.L. Surprise toys are baby toys that are come wrapped inside a surprise toy ball. Each ball has some layers that contain stickers, secret messages, mix, and match accessories–and finally–a doll. Dolls are released in series, so not every doll is available all the time. L.O.L. Surprise.

These dolls are made in seven factories in China, and the company says it works closely with them to safeguard its supply chain. Instead, they suspect, counterfeiters working out of shoddy factories are the problem, using low-quality and sometimes dangerous and flammable materials to manufacture fake dolls. It’s a new season and a brand new theme from LOL. We are Introducing the LOL Surprise Spring Bling doll and pet. They’re both given a total Easter-like treatment with cute bunny ears and so much more.

Winter Disco Chalet. Wait for a deal or buy it now at Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, or Walmart! Although it’s currently the most expensive L.O.L. Surprise toy on our list (regularly priced around $240!), we’ll be watching this one carefully for any sales, deals, or special promotions between now and the holidays.

L.O.L. Surprise toys! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise toys! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper has Includes 1 brand new, exclusive LOL surprise doll. It has Includes 10+ hangout areas including bunk beds, a light-up pool and slide, a fashion runway, a BBQ patio, and D.J. Booth. It contains Front detaches to become a separate car with a working horn and headlights. Glamper fully extends to 2 feet by 3 feet of fully furnished, 360 degrees play, with working lights and sounds. The L.O.L. Surprise 2 in 1 glamper has included 55+ surprises.

L.O.L. Surprise toys! Clubhouse Playset with 40+ Surprises and 2 Exclusives Dolls (569404E7C)

Their Boy dolls are anatomically correct. Unbox 40+ surprises are in the ultimate hangout for L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and boys. It Includes 2 exclusive dolls – a L.O.L. Surprise, doll, and a Boy doll. It contains 7+ Hangout Areas: Game Room, Skateboard Zone, Hammock Patio, Movie Room, Stargazing Space, Bedroom, Kitchen, and more.

It expands to 3+ feet wide. Its Shipping containers pop up and fold out to create a Clubhouse. When finished playing, it is folded up and take on the go. Its Unbox furniture including a bean bag chair, hammock, arcade games, foosball table, bed, half-pipe, and more.

L.O.L. toys! MGAE Cares Limited Edition Frontline Hero with 7 Surprises

It Joins the fight against COVID-19 in support of frontline health workers with L.O.L. Surprise, x MGAE Cares limited edition doll, it is the limited edition doll that includes a signature sticker face mask accessory and special MGAE Cares heart sticker. You can Feed your doll for a water surprise. Here are the unboxing 7 surprises: (1) MGAE Cares sticker; (2) Bottle; (3) Sticker Face Mask; (4) It contains accessories; (5) White Lab Coat Outfit; (6) Pink Boots; (7) L.O.L. Surprise! x MGAE Cares limited edition doll. It’s $1 of every sale goes to support MGAE Cares nonprofit.

L.O.L. toys! Stylin’ Studio by Horizon Group USA,Decorate LOL Surprise Paper Dolls With 250+ Accessories,Includes DIY Activity Book, Scratch Art,Sticker Sheet,Coloring Pages,Markers,Crayons & More

L. O. L. PAPER DOLLS are created and decorated LOL, Surprise dolls with over 250 themed accessories. You can explore your creativity through designing trendy outfits for your favorite L. O. L. These surprise characters using brightly colored designer-makers, crayons, and fun stickers. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves LOL, coloring, crafting, and fashion. Now open up your set to reveal surprise stickers and accessories. It contains paper Dolls, Doll Stands, Activity Book, Sticker Book, Scratch Art Sticker Sheet, Scratch Stick, Stencil, Printed Pages, Sticker Sheets, Markers, Crayons. Its age range is 5 years & up.

L.O.L. toys Confetti Nail Art by Horizon Group USA, Make Custom DIY Nail Polish. Add tattoos, Glitter, Gemstones & More. Secret Reveal Surprise Inside.Multi-Colored

LOL nail art is the best way to learn how to make a line of custom nail polishes, then glam out your nails with tattoos, glitter, gemstones, and more. You can mix and create your custom nail polishes that incorporate sparkling glitter and confetti. It is for the ultimate girly girl, Lover of all things sparkly, or anyone who loves to get creative Surprise. When you open up your set to reveal a fun surprise inside. It has clear nail polish, 4 empty polish bottles, 2 bags of confetti, 3 bags of body glitter, tattoo sheet, mini nail file, 25 gemstones, plastic scratch stick, funnel, 2 mixing cups, instructions. Its age range is 5 years & up.

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