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The Poliform collection is set out as a wide diversified choice and contains systems and furnishing accessories for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes, beds, kitchens, sofas, and armchairs. Essential architecture for buildings located within a few kilometers of each other, the production units of Poliform are located in areas of Brianza where nature is considered a wealth and a patrimony to respect, confirming the association and the involvement of Poliform to the survival of its own territory.

Now, the Poliform brand is synonymous with a luxury lifestyle and excellence in quality. Poliform numerous lines contain systems and furnishings for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes, and beds.

KELLY|Upholstered bed Fabric double bed with upholstered headboard

The Poliform Kelly collection, designed by Emmanuel Gallina, introduces a new bed version with a fully fabric-upholstered frame.‎ The material intensifies the softness of the silhouette and casts us into a world dedicated to relaxation.‎ The collection is concluded by a new bedside table with rounded, generous shapes.‎ Bed frame and headboard upholstered and covered in removable fabric and leather.‎

With its wooden structure with curved and delicate lines, Kelly stands out for the unique covering of its base perimeter and the sinuous, enveloping design of its headboard.‎ The project is completed with a bedside table with a drawer and a metal structure.‎
Finishing. Bed frame in solid wood and by-products, finishings spessart oak and black elm.‎ Inner bed frame in flexible polyurethane, covered in fabric and leather.‎ Upholstered headboard in flexible polyurethane, recovering in polyester padding and final cover in fabric and leather.‎ Headboard optional version in woven leather.‎ Bedside table.

‎ Structure in mat lacquered colors, spessart oak, and black elm.‎ Top in hiding and glossy lacquered colors.‎ Base metal painted piombo, mat, and glossy brown nickel.‎

Poliform BELLPORT | Sofa with chaise longue

Poloiform Bellport, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, is a collection of sofas devised to recreate the bright and sprightly atmosphere that inspired its name.‎ Indeed, famous for its well-being and superior quality of life, Bellport is not only a place where former factories and warehouses are being makeover but most of all where new ideas are springing up.‎ The collection consists of several components such as sofas, day beds, poufs, and armchairs devised to blend in seamlessly with the remainder of Poliform’s living room collection.

‎ Structure in polyurethane in different densities, pre-covering in feather.‎ Final covering removable in fabric and leather.‎ Feet and frame in metal mat painted brown nickel and champagne.‎

Poliform |SHAPE Fitted kitchen with integrated handles

Hares a model that is inspired, for practicality, to kitchens without handles, with a new and contemporary design, where a molding runs through bases and columns, resulting in a tapered cut, within which the feature built-in integrated handle is inserted.‎

Poliform GENTLEMAN | Sofa 3 seater fabric sofa

The collaboration between Poliform and Marcel Wanders continues to produce outstanding results as they find themselves once again side by side for completely new project challenges.‎ After the success of the Mad collection comes Gentleman, a new seating system that invites you to elegant and sophisticated conviviality, evocative in the name itself.‎ With the Gentleman collection, Marcel Wanders has revealed a new sense of warmth and welcome, expressed in the encounter between design and lifestyle, suited not only to residential situations but to any occasion where lounge spaces are essential.

‎ Like a genuine orchestra, the Gentleman collection is made up of different proposals, each one with its own identity through strongly linked to one another, to the extent that perfect consonance is created in the combination of all the elements: Gentleman Relax, Gentleman Single, Gentleman Reserved and Gentleman’s Friends.‎

Poliform KAY LOUNGE | Armchair with footstool

It is Elegant, lightweight, and essential, the Kay Lounge boasts inborn ease both on its own or in a pair, as well as an accessory in large living areas or communal spaces.‎ A plain steel architectural structure that proposes three sophisticated finishings: hide on sharp edges, leather or pony hair.‎ Kay Lounge is an armchair that stands out in any surroundings, from the most classic to absolute state-of-the-art.‎

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