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I’m Missam Abbas, and I have a confession, I love to search for different brands & writing Information about their products. So I created my own site for brands & products. It’s not just the website to find out your favorite brands. Here you can also purchase any product of your favorite brand.

That’s why I built this year in 2020. I was spending a weekend going from website to website and I discovered there are bits and pieces of information about different products, but it was rather basic and dull information. So I decided to focus on the Net Worth side of things. It wasn’t the money side that was really of interest, it was how they got there. That’s the real story. I was learning so much about different Things and the products behind them that I thought to put my efforts into this blog.

I try to add a few articles a month and my team and I take the time to research our brands. If you have any particular products you’d like us to write up about, or if you’re a brand lover you’d like any of our product about, please email us at Contact Us
Hello. If you’re looking for some help, clarifications, or had feedback please feel free to reach out to us.

If you were also looking to ad guests posts, wanted to advertise with us, or wanted any product for yourself on the site, please let us know and I’m sure we can help you.

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About Us

I’m Missam Abbas, and I lost my feeling, I am addicted to the Education Department.