Realme 100W Soundbar Review 2021

The soundbar may be a pretty genius product construct, providing several, of the advantages of a full-fledged house system whereas, avoiding the complications of putting in a multi-speaker setup. However, soundbars are rather priced, usually cost accounting the maximum amount or maybe quite the televisions individuals wish to use them with. Budget soundbars do exist, however, choices like the Mi Soundbar square measure maybe is too basic, and should not provide a significant improvement in sound over your TV’s inbuilt speakers. There’s a vital gap here, with the budget soundbar house dominated by tiny brands providing merchandise that square measure very simply giant speakers. Recognizing this gap, Realme recently launched its 1st soundbar in Asian countries. Priced at rupees six thousand, nine hundreds ninety-nine, the Realme 100W Soundbar Review 2021 has, because the name states, a fixings sound output of 100W, with a powerful subwoofer to travel with the bar. Is that this budget choice definitely worth the price? Conclude in our review.

The Realme 100W Soundbar has a dedicated subwoofer:

While there square measure several choices within the budget soundbar phase, The Realme 100W Soundbar stands out for one massive reason: it’s a zealous subwoofer. It is an easy wired unit, that plugs into the most bar and attracts power directly from it. this suggests that whereas you will have to handle some limitations in positioning and installation, you do not would like a separate power outlet for the subwoofer, as is the case with soundbars that have wireless subwoofers.

The Realme soundbar conjointly features a considerably higher-rated power output than what most cheap televisions lately provide. If your TV puts out around 20-30W of sound, the Realme 100W Soundbar can supply an essential volume boost with its 100W evaluation. It’s value stating here that the bar itself features a rated output of 60W, whereas the subwoofer accounts for the reverse 40W, hence it is not quite as loud (even on paper) because the variety might need you to think. The bar unit consists of 2 full-range drivers and 2 tweeters. From a distance, the Realme Soundbar appearance easy and modest, however, some parts stumble upon as a small amount strange.

The indicator lights that shine through the metal front grille of the bar speaker square measure rather evident and distracting, and also the colors, and codes do not intuitively tell you something valuable knowing. The buttons conjointly feel a small amount flimsy, and tacky. The device is offered solely in black currently. I ought the Realme 100W Soundbar put on a table with the subwoofer on the ground right next to that, though, you are doing have the alternative to wall-mount the bar victimization the grooves to fix it onto scythes. Installation is not enclosed with the acquisition, thus this can be one thing you will have to urge done yourself. If you are putting the bar on a table, you may simply plug the elements in.

Realme 100W Soundbar design and specifications:

Connectivity options include HDMI ARC and Bluetooth:

With music, that I contend victimization Bluetooth from an associate mechanical man smartphone, the soundbar was good also. Once again, the shaping characteristics within the sound were the flexibility to handle louder volumes, also because of the wide sound stage. Though the standardization is not ideal for music, the Realme soundbar works for infrequent listening reception if you would like to raise the quantity a touch.

The soundbar has its own remote, and cables are also included in the pack:

The remote of the Realme 100W Soundbar feels a small amount tacky Additionally, however, it’s entirely practical and quite helpful. Their square measure individual supply buttons, audio mode choice buttons, and basic controls for volume and playback also. The remote is battery-powered by 2 abdominal aortic aneurysm batteries, that square measure enclosed within the box. Of course, you’ll simply use the buttons on the bar speaker itself if you like.

Connectivity choices on the Realme 100W Soundbar square measure spectacular for a budget choice, with the device supporting HDMI ARC, concentric S/PDIF, optical To slink, USB, a 3.5 mm stereo jack, and Bluetooth five. Enclosed within the sales package square measure HDMI and concentric cables, that square measure helpful and a pleasing surprise given the value of the soundbar. Setup is straightforward enough; you simply got to switch to the proper supply to use the soundbar, and Bluetooth pairing was straightforward also. What I found quite a plague was the voice prompts from the Realme soundbar.

When the device is battery-powered on or off, or switched between sources, a loud voice prompt announces the standing or supply name. This was unpleasantly loud, particularly once looking at the TV in the death of night, and usually annoying even at alternative times. There are not any thanks to switching this intrusive feature off, thus you may simply get accustomed to it if you purchase the Realme 100W Soundbar.

Realme 100W Soundbar performance:

While ultra-budget choices like the Mi Soundbar do not provide way more than a small volume boost, Realme’s entry into the phase is a reasonable choice that gives important advantages over your television’s intrinsically audio. The Realme 100W Soundbar is loud and offers a sound that’s way more medium and full than what most cheap televisions will manufacture. I typically advocate soundbars supported by the TV they’re going to be used with, and therefore, the Realme 100W Soundbar is best paired with an entry-level TV. I used it with a few 55-inch 4K TVs that I had for review aboard, however, this soundbar would be ideally used with televisions up to forty-three inches in screen size supported its dimensions and rated sound output, except for the value, itself. Many property choices suggest that any lack of ports or options on a specific TV should not hamper your ability to plug the soundbar in.

While I used HDMI ARC on one of the TV’s, I used to be reviewing, the second was missing HDMI ARC also as a coaxial audio output. I had to so consider the associate Optical To slink cable I had reception, however, this was straightforward to line up also. I used the Realme soundbar with a range of content, as well as movies, TV shows, and children’s cartoons. Whereas the quantity was typically turned all the way down to affordable levels with the latter 2 kinds of content, I bumped it up, whereas, looking at The hour Sky on Netflix. With the volume up, the Realme 100W Soundbar did a great job of taking the somber mood of the flick, significantly the rumbling lows of the device at each the arctic analysis station, and within the space vehicle.

Plenty of this will be attributable to the subwoofer, that whereas tiny and slim, is sort of spectacular. Though it often felt a touch abundant, the system typically got the amount right across the frequency vary. I conjointly found the mid-range standardization to be good. Dialogue and voices were clear, sharp, and loud enough not to be submerged out by the powerful low-end. The quantity bump and skill to handle those loud volumes aptly and while not abundant distortion or struggle is the shaping characteristic of the Realme 100W Soundbar, and that is specifically what would be expected from a tool during this worth vary. With music, significant background scores in movies and television shows, the Realme 100W Soundbar will an affordable job while not overwhelming the dialogue and core sound effects.

At low volumes across content, the soundbar did not deliver sound quality on the far side what the televisions it had been used with might manage on their own, however, the sound did feel a touch clearer with dialogue and vocals in music. The wide positioning of the drivers will facilitate create a good sound stage, though it is from the standard and capaciousness you’d get with costlier offerings like the evergreen JBL SB250.


Like various of Realme’s initial attempts at brand-new product segments, the Realme 100W Soundbar is primarily a reliable product that deserves a touch of additional recognition. It’s cheap, well-equipped, and offers specifically what you’d expect from a budget soundbar: loud, clean sound. That said, their square measure some areas during which the Realme 100W Soundbar fell a touch short. The look was a touch odd in places, the voice prompts néver did not get at ME, and performance at low volumes was barely any totally different from simply victimization the speakers on any TV. However, at Rs. 6,999, these square measure comparatively minor quirks that square measure over created up for by smart standardization and performance at higher volumes. All in all, for Rs. 6,999, this can be a soundbar price considering. There is not abundant competition to the Realme 100W Soundbar at this worth however, it would be priced watching entry-level choices from brands like Philips, JBL, and Blaupunkt if you’ll bump your budget up to around Rs. 10,000.

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