SoundMagic E11C wired earbuds review

A wonderful combination of reasonable in-ear headphones, complete with remote and mic. The SoundMagic E11C headphones square standard the most recent addition to a spread that represents one of the additional shocking success stories of recent years. Supported in 2005, a relative flash within the pan compared to several audio firms, SoundMagic rose from obscurity to multiple-Award winners, most notably with its budget in-ear electro-acoustic transducer vary. The E10 set the marker for sub-£50 excellence for a few years, associated following an E10C in-line mic and device upgrade, the E11C equivalent launched in 2018. And we’re happy to report, they’re still pretty charming.

SoundMagic E11C wired earbuds review: Build and Comfort


Clearly not petrified of spicing up a winning direction, the SoundMagic E11C earbuds have AN updated driver, that guarantees enhancements to the sound, and a new, silver-plated copper cable. The enduring red earphone cable is not any additional. Otherwise, the E11C earphones look an equivalent with a typical cylindrical, aluminum casing style and an alternative of tiny, medium, and colossal silicone polymer tips, additionally currently in silver. There’s a storage case, too, do you have to be therefore organized on use one among them.

Just in case it currently desires to state, they need the quality three.5 mm earphone cable association, therefore you’ll want a direful electronic device for connecting to USB-C or Apple Lightning ports. On the cable for the left phone are the device and mic. It’s a typical three-button that ought to work with Apple and golem phones, supplying you with volume and stop/start practicality. As has become the norm, the remote is light-weight and hidden, therefore you shouldn’t suffer from avoided cable noise.


SoundMagic E11C wired earbuds review: Sound


SoundMagic might have updated the motive force, however, the company’s sonic signature remains acquainted. Simply, the E11Cs sound particular. Confirm you decide on the correct tips for your ears — you must get a comfortable work that not solely isolates outside noise very well, however, ensures you hear their full sonic spectrum — so, you’re treated to a well-balanced, entertaining, energetic sound. Listen to Drake’s God’s set up and also the deep, sub-bass notes hit as they ought to, with tight depth and heat, whereas the hi-hats tick on clearly at the highest finish. Drake’s processed vocals sit well within the mid-range, once more clarity is strength from these in-ears. Aphex Twin’s T69 Collapse proves a tougher travail, however because of a crisp, not-quite-too-bright treble, the track’s energetic drums square measure delivered with life and management. A 4/4 dance track is usually honest to take a look at of temporary arrangement, and Algol by Troy may be a direct pounder, complete with off-beat stabs to stay things fascinating.

The SoundMagic E11C earphones once more deliver a pleasant listen and solely in direct comparison to the thesparkwear? Victory Beyer’s dynamic Byron earphones do the temporary arrangement fall simply a fraction, the Byron’s sounding a bit a lot of along and so delivering a lot of participating sound. This is regarding the sole tiny hole to be picked within the E11C earphones. Their robust sound is actually LED by a transparent, direct treble, whereas the Byron’s deliver a tauter sound with a touch a lot of solidity to the bass, however, this is often for the most part personal preference. It’s conjointly value saying the sensitivity rating of 112dB is pretty high which means the SoundMagic E11C in-ears will deliver lots of volumes. It conjointly suggests that they’ll use less of your device’s power at an average listening volume that may be a bonus.


SoundMagic E11C wired earbuds review: Verdict

Another nice try of SoundMagic budget earphones, the E11C in-ears continue the fine work of their predecessors associated deliver an amusive, direct sound, complete with remote and mic. And that we can’t argue therewith.

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