Telegram to Launch Paid Features for Business and Power Users in 2021


Telegram is a popular social media platform in some countries:

Encrypted electronic messaging app wire can launch pay-for services in 2021, its Russian-born founder Pavel Durov aforesaid weekday because the growing company required, at least a couple of hundred million bucks per year.

Telegram can begin to come up with revenue, beginning next year, Durov aforesaid in a very statement. We are ready to launch myriad new options and welcome billions of recent users.

Durov, 36, aforesaid on his wire channel he is failed to arrange to sell the corporate, and so required to seem for different ways in which to come back up with funding.

Telegram is particularly popular in the former Soviet Union and Iran:

Telegram may be an in style social media platform in some countries, notably within former Russia and Asian nation, and is employed each for personal communications and sharing info and news.

It has seduced nearly five hundred million active users since its launch by Durov and his brother Nikolai in 2013.

The founder Durov said that free features would remain free:

For most of the Telegram’s history, I purchased the expenses of the corporate from my personal savings, Durov aforesaid.

However, with its existing growth wire is not of course to succeed in billions of users and to want applicable funding. The aforesaid that free options would stay free.

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