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When you’re decorating your kitchen with the most suitable cookware, there are some benefits to buying a complete set. First, a set can be much less expensive than buying each piece individually, so you’ll save money. Second, different types of cookware can behave differently on the stove. When all your cookware is the same, you’ll know how long it takes to heat up and how sensitive it is to temperature changes. Plus, having a set of cookware on the stove that looks the same is simply more stylish. While that doesn’t affect cooking performance, it can affect the cook’s mood.

When you’re choosing a Cookware Set, it’s important to think about what you cook and how much you cook. A small frying pan may be perfect for a single person but much less useful for a family. And if a set is almost perfect but missing a piece, most manufacturers sell open stock cookware, so you can get that huge stockpot or grill pan that you’ve been coveting.

When you’re shopping, keep in mind that lids count as pieces, and some sets include inexpensive extras like spoons and spatulas that add to the piece count.

Here, the 5 best cookware set for your kitchen.

1. Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set

This product is manufactured by one of the most popular brands in the market, Meyer Corporation. The set features a construction using hard-anodized material with a nonstick coating to allow quick release of your foods. The nonstick material is PFOA-free, which makes the cooking safe for any user.

The cookware is dishwasher-safe with the nonstick complementing easy cleanup of the pieces. The set is also safe for oven use and can withstand temperatures up to 400⁰F. The set comes with a limited lifetime warranty; the package contains saucepans, skillets, a large stockpot as well as a sauté pan.

2. Caraway Ceramic Cookware & Cabinet Organizer Set

The functionality of cookware is important, of course. But so too is its appearance and design, especially if you have a small kitchen and the pots and pans will be on display. This 7-piece cookware set from direct-to-consumer brand Caraway is the ideal blend of both so you don’t have to decide between appearance and design.

Unlike other cookware sets on the market, the pots and pans develop with four magnetic pan shelves and a cover lid container that can be joined to the inside of your furniture for comfortable storage. This will not just make it simpler to find the right hood when you’re cooking but it will prevent them from getting lost. When it comes time to cook, the nonstick and non-toxic ceramic coating is safer than PTFE-based coatings, but it will still sear and cook foods to perfection.

The pans are generously sized and perfect for large-batch recipes. They are oven and dishwasher-safe, although hand-washing is recommended to keep them looking their best (most foods will glide off with a little soap and warm water).

3. Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

Inspired by cookware used in restaurants, this set is built to be durable and easy to use, while the stainless steel surface looks attractive in any setting. The aluminum core provides fast, even heating, while the stainless steel exterior makes these pots and pans suitable for induction cooktops. When you’re searing on the stove and finishing in the oven, these are oven safe to 500 degrees. For super-easy cleaning, these are dishwasher safe.

This set includes a 9.5-inch frying pan, a 12-inch frying pan, a 1.5-quart covered saucepan, a 3-quart covered saucepan, a 3-quart covered sauté pan, and a 6-quart covered stockpot.

4. T-fal Excite ProGlide 14-Piece Nonstick Cookware Sets

T-fal made its name with nonstick cookware that was revolutionary for its time, and the brand has continued to produce and innovate nonstick products at reasonable prices. This set features the Thermo-Spot heat indicator in the center of the cooking surface that changes color when the pan is properly heated and ready for cooking. All of the pieces are oven safe to 350 degrees and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning when cooking is done.

The set includes an 8-inch frying pan, a 10-inch frying pan, a 1-quart saucepan with lid, a 2-quart saucepan with lid, a detachable strainer to fit the 2-quart saucepan, a 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, and a set of measuring spoons.

5. Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 18/10 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

The hammered copper exterior of this cookware set from Lagostina is absolutely gorgeous to look at, but it also serves a greater purpose – copper heats five times better than cast iron and up to twenty times better than stainless steel. This exceptional heat conduction spreads heat faster and more evenly than other types of material, giving you greater responsiveness when trying to control the temperature of your pan.

This 10-piece set includes an 8-inch skillet, 10-inch skillet, 2-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart deep sauté pan with lid, and a 6-quart stockpot with lid. Sturdy, riveted stainless steel handles give you easy handling, and the entire pot is ovenproof up to 500 degrees. Hand washing is recommended for these beautiful pieces, and some additional upkeep will be required if you prefer a shiny look versus the patina finish that will develop over time.

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