The 7 Best Garden Sprinklers For The Greenest Lawn

Garden Sprinklers

Reliable sprinklers provide a way to keeps a lawn healthy and green throughout dry seasons, and the best sprinklers can help you to achieve a great-looking lawn. Grass needs the same kind of careful attention as more exotic plants, though it is easy to take it for granted.

Deep watering at longer intervals is more helpful than frequent watering at shorter intervals. Roots thrive when they have to grow deep into the ground, but short watering periods keep them near the surface. Exposure to the sun’s rays harms the roots, damaging the grass severely. This list of sprinklers gives you options to choose one that can keep your grass green and healthy.

1. GrowGreen Garden Sprinkler

Create a pattern of your own with a sprinkler that can cover as much as 5,800 square feet in 86 foot diameter circles. You get 12 adjustments that let you control the distance of the spray simply by moving a ring up or down. The sprinkler has a rotation control trip lever that adjusts the spray to hit high and low targets in a single rotation. You no longer have to worry about a stream that hits delicate flowers and damages tender growth, and you can use a special speed control to ensure even coverage.

The patterns that are available in the Gilmore sprinkler let you control the dispersal of water in your yard with superior engineering design. The rustproof polymer sled base is broad enough to provide stability, and its impact-resistant construction ensures durable performance.

2. Rain Bird P5R

A built-in spray guide prevents any splashing off to the sides as the Rain Bird P5R (about $7) disperses water across your greenery. It’s constructed with stainless steel to help it withstand corrosion during those long hours spent out in the elements.

3. Orbit Tripod Base Sprinklers

Put an end to the annoying task of moving your sprinkler around the yard with one that can reach a large area. A sprinkler that you can adjust from a partial circle to a complete one for a distance of up to 80 feet can save water and time. Moving your sprinkler from one spot in your yard to another usually makes it overlap watered areas, and dragging hoses is no one’s idea of a fun job. You get great coverage from a sprinkler that is mounted on a tripod, and an adjustment lets you select a height from 16 to more than 37 inches.

The heavy-duty construction in the Orbit impact sprinkler makes it ideal for large lawn areas to reduce the number of required moves or for complete coverage of a small yard.

4. Adjustable and Oscillating Lawn Bar Sprinklers

This garden sprinkler is in the form of a bar, making for some great watering shapes. It’s fully adjustable and can be used vertically or horizontally. This makes it a great choice to use next to paths or things that you don’t want to get wet so that you can ensure that the only things getting watered are the things you want to be!

It’s an easy-to-clean product and comes with a free cleaning tool. This is for when nozzles become blocked with dirt or debris. It’s already attached to the sprinkler, so you’ll never have to worry about losing it!

5. RAINWAVE Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler Set with Timer, Cover-Up to 3700 Square Feet

Add power and consistency to your lawn watering with an oscillating sprinkler that has turbo gear. Precision jets in the gear motor create a spray that can cover 3,700 square feet from a tube that is made of high-impact plastic. The wide base makes the sprinkler capable of resisting the force of the powerful jet stream so that it stays in place. Clogs from hard water are easy to clear with a nozzle cleaning tool so that you have an even watering pattern.

An adjustable range control lets you select the area that you want to be watered in the amount of time that you program. An efficient sprinkler design builds on your water pressure so that you can cover your entire lawn in one setting.

6. Quantum Garden Z23 White Line Oscillating Sprinklers

The bar-shaped sprinkler has plenty of great uses to be found. It’s oscillating and has 16 nozzles for a thorough sprinkling. The sliding tabs will also allow for simple range adjustment, giving you some freedom in the areas that you’ll be sprinkling.

This product has a coverage of about 312 square meters, depending on the water pressure available. It’s also built to have a sturdy base, so you’ll never have to worry about it being pushed over from certain conditions.

7. Silverline 868552 Impulse Garden Sprinklers

This sprinkler is easily one of the most simple to use. All you have to do is stick it into the ground near where you’ll need things to be watered. It’s spiked so that you can perfectly secure it in whatever turf or soil you’re planning on using it in. So, you can put it in your yard and water the whole thing, or sneak it into your garden soil for some flower watering.

Despite being a small sprinkler, you can still get 360-degrees of coverage. It also comes with a 1/2 inch hose connector for quick release. And, depending on water pressure, it can be daisy-chained.

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