The 7 Best Portable Blenders for Juicing and Smoothie-ing While You Travel and On-the-Go

The 7 Best Portable Blenders for Juicing and Smoothie-ing While You Travel and On-the-Go

Portable Blender

What is a Portable Blender?

A blender is a kitchen appliance that will mix, crush, blend, grind, liquefy, chop, grate, and more. They are ideal for making nutritious, healthy drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies. To use a blender, you fill it with fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients of your choice like nuts and grains. Choose your setting, turn it on, and the blades work at high speeds to chop up the ingredients. The result – you have a thick mixture that is commonly known as a smoothie.

You can also get creative and prepare soups, dips, sauces, juices, and even batter mixes for waffles and pancakes. So, what is a portable blender? This is a blender that is smaller, lighter, and more compact than a traditional blender that you would stand on a shelf in your kitchen. They are perfect for packing into a case or backpack. Many operate on reduced power. Some even work on batteries or USB power, eliminating the need for a power source – perfect for an away-from-civilization camping trip. Portable blenders will allow you to whip up the healthy mixtures you make at home but in smaller quantities. Here are The 7 Best Portable Blenders for Juicing and Smoothie-ing While You Travel and On-the-Go.

1. Cincred Professional Personal Mini Blender

All too often, portable blenders overlook the importance of seals. That’s not the case with this model, though. You’ll never need to worry about leaks from its several lids. That’s because they all feature silica gel seals that won’t degrade due to cold conditions. If you’re like me, you often use your portable blender for making a smoothie. But many mornings, I also appreciate a good cup of joe. This unit can help make that happen because it can grind up fresh beans.

This model’s stainless steel mixing blades allow that to occur without jamming for even a second. At the same time, you can expect this model’s motor to last longer than in most portable blenders. That’s because it is far better ventilated than most blenders in this class. To be specific, this unit’s base has been designed to maximize airflow. As such, you could easily use it to make up to 20 blends in a row without damaging the motor.


This attractive, USB-chargeable model is equipped with a 75-watt motor and a six-pointed blade that spins at a record-breaking 16,000rpm. According to its platoon of admirers, the oddly-named CkeyiN crushes ice really easily and mashes harder ingredients like apples and carrots a thrice. Comprised of a portable 420ml borosilicate glass container (with a screw-top lid) and a baby-blue motor housing replete with an LED display, this mini blender features a safety sensor that prevents the unit from operating if the container isn’t mounted on the housing correctly.

This is a very good thing because the whole unit needs to be inverted when blending and the last thing you need before rushing out is half a liter of milky strawberry mush all over your trousers or skirt. According to the manufacturer, a five-hour charge is good for about 15 blends and it even comes with a USB port to charge your mobile device. It also comes with a 12-month warranty which is outstanding for such a cheap product.

3. Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ

Smaller equipment doesn’t mean lesser-quality results when it comes to the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ personal blender. While not all personal blenders can handle whole fruits, vegetables, or ice, this one tackles them with ease. The blades on the Nutri Ninja rotate at high speeds to liquefy ingredients into smooth juices, smoothies, and purées. As its name suggests, this machine uses smart technology to take the guesswork out of blending.

Its features are intelligent programs that combine timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that perfectly mix your ingredients of choice. A digital timer display counts down how much time remains in selected programs or counts up to track time while using manual speeds. The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ comes with two blending cups (18 and 24 ounces) that you can take with you on the go. Just screw on the included spout lids to turn the container from a blender to a portable beverage cup.

4. Vitamix S5

Vitamix blenders are some heavy-duty appliances and take up the space to prove it. But the Vitamix S-series is a collection of space-saving blenders that take up less room and are ideal for personal blending. The S55 is compatible with both a single-serve, 20-ounce container, and a 40-ounce that can handle a crowd, meaning you can make single smoothies or larger servings depending on your needs. (That 40-ounce container is great for blending soups and baby food, then portioning them out into smaller jars).

This blender features are with four programmed settings and variable speed control are giving you textures from smooth purées to chunky salsas. The blender can handle all sorts of dishes like soups, sauces, frozen desserts, and more. Unlike some personal blenders, this one has a vented lid that allows you to add ingredients while blending.
Blasting through ice cubes and frozen fruit isn’t a concern when it comes to the Vitamix S55. It has laser-cut blades from hardened stainless steel, which provide maximum durability.

5. Hamilton Beach blender

This Hamilton Beach blender is so compact, you could take it with you and blend wherever you can find an outlet. The whole thing weighs in at two pounds and the base features a slot to store the power cord. Blend mixtures in the 14-ounce container then pop on the travel lid and detach the cup from the base. Simply as that.
Hamilton is keeping it straightforward with this device — it just has one button to blend and pulse. This blender is designed mostly for smoothies and protein shakes, and can’t handle big chunks of ice or hard ingredients like seeds.
There is only one blending cup, so you can’t switch it up or store extra batches for later. You do have the choice between five colors, though. It’s all about compromise, people.

6. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

Every part of this portable blender has been built with resilience in mind. That’s clear to see when factoring in its intense temperature resistance. It’s hard to believe, but this unit can resist temperatures between -40° to 175°F. Most other portable blenders would fall apart under those extremes! At this model’s core, you’ll find a solid 300-watt motor that can punch a bit above its class. To that end, this unit can rotate its blades at up to 23,000 RPM.

That’s only a slight improvement, but it’s just enough to get this unit’s stainless steel blades through tough produce. As a result, you could use this blender to make a dip or sauce on the go. Beyond this, you’ll also find that this blender will keep you safe, no matter how much you use it. That’s because of its 20 oz. the jar is built from durable BPA-free plastics. Its base, however, is slightly prone to tarnishing if it is not cleaned properly. Even if some tarnish does appear, it won’t impact this unit’s core operation at all, at least.

7. OYeet GoPower Blender 1000W iF Design Award

There are three words: “vortex mixing system.” There’s no other blender in the portable class that can blend as effectively as this model’s proprietary system. That same system can even extract nutrients from produce in 10 or so seconds. All of that can be done without adding water, which is a weak point in most portable blenders.

Before seeing this blender in person, I had never heard of an “award-winning portable blender.” But in due time, I saw for myself why this model won an iF Design award. First off, this model’s stylish exterior feels undeniably luxurious.

But better than that, it is also effortless to clean off with only a quick wipe of a damp towel. Inside this unit, though, you’ll find a 1,000-watt motor – yes, you read that right. That means that this compact unit has managed to fit a full-sized motor’s strength into a diminished form factor. As a result of this powerful motor, this blender can reach top speeds of up to 30,000 RPM. That’s more than strong enough to grind full ice cubes to powder and tough produce to a silky juice.

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