The Best Desk Lamps of 2020


The most suitable Desk Lamps aren’t only decorative objects — they help to draw your attention to your at-home workspace in a design that overhead lighting just can’t. Unlike accent lights or table lamps, desk lamps cast a focused beam of light onto your workstation, so you can fully see what you’re doing. They are not meant to interpret the surrounding area or create a low-spirited ambiance, though they should ideally be attractive to look at, even when you’re not in work mode.

There are many types of desk lamps out there, so we’ve done the analysis and pointed the six different, top-rated models that can ease showcase your workspace in its best light.

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamps with Qi-Enabled Wireless Fast Charger

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger (TT-DL038) is similar to our previous LED desk lamp pick, but it adds fast wireless charging as well as a USB-A charging port. We like that it does double duty as both a lamp and a charger, and it’s the most versatile desk lamp we’ve tested in other regards, with five brightness levels, five color-temperature modes, a night-light mode, and a one-hour timer (to remind you to stop working in the evening). During testing, we also grew to love its memory feature, which turns the lamp on at the last-used brightness and color settings instead of reverting to defaults.

This lamp has a slim and unassuming modern shape that should fit in with most office decor. You can rotate the lamp arm 180 degrees to shine a light on different areas of your desk. For example, you can spin it to be next to your laptop when you’re writing a note on paper, or you can make it face the wall behind your monitor to help reduce eye fatigue caused by staring at a bright screen.


The original and most reliable, the Anglepoise Type 75 table lamp brings over 80 years of modernization and packs it into the ideal light for offices. With its endlessly flexible stalk and focused light, it manages to examine both classic and modern, as well as allowing you to focus on the finer aspects of the task at hand. Helpful and handsome, this iconic design earns our second spot for superior design and perfect performance.


For the modern looks of the Anglepoise desk lamp at almost half the price, look no further than this sleek No.045 lamp from John Lewis which comes in a range of colors. Whether you choose the most imperceptibly pale pink to satisfy a bright and airy or glamorously girly office or the satin-finish black, you’re guaranteed a cool minimal look thanks to the industrial concrete base, curved shade, and brushed brass hardware. This lamp doesn’t have the sturdy feel of a true Anglepoise design but, it has got a modern and high-quality finish.


If rising and working in the dark has you holding down in the dumps, the Lumie Desklamp can support you. Engineered for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder, it simulates natural sunlight to boost your mood when extremely light is scarce, and can even increase your concentration and energy levels, ideal for freelancers and anyone else who works from home year-round. It doesn’t look the smartest but it’s a very useful little gadget to keep handy in either home workspace, with touch-adjustable brightness and an adjustable stalk. For sheer mood-improving qualities alone, this SAD lamp has earned its place in our best list.


This stunning Bell Table lamp has a suggestion of the Art Deco regarding it, looking just as at home as a statement-maker in a light, airy contemporary office as in a richly decorated study. Its all-over mirror-finish copper (also available in chrome) adds a dose of sunny color and interesting texture to a room. Tapping into the modern rose gold trends, this designer copper desk lamp is a feature as much as it is a working light.


For something a little bit different, this piano lamp is certain to bring an air of 1920s charm to your home office. Whilst traditionally used to shed light on the music sheets of a piano stand, these horizontal lights make for the ideal desk light in selected office spaces, illuminating paperwork as well as bringing an air of tradition to the table. The polished brass lamp is thin and elegant, making it perfect for placing on a desk or indeed a bookcase. It has a simplistic on-off switch on the base and customers adore how bright this lamp is. Take note, unlike most lamps, the LED bulbs in this piano lamp give off a colder white light as exposed to a warmer luminosity.

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