Top 5 Best Artist Paintbrush Sets

paintbrush sets

Every artist that works with any type of paint on medium needs one of these top 5 best artist paintbrush sets. A novice might be happy with a couple of brushes, but it won’t take long before the two-brush approach starts to limit creativity. Finding a quality brush set opens a world of possibilities, but it can also get expensive. Deciding on size and brush shape can quickly get overwhelming. Which brush should you choose? One of the best ways to approach these problems is to purchase affordable artist paintbrush sets. This budget-friendly approach allows everyone from the amateur to the professional to acquire a variety of brushes and experiments. Below are some of our favorites.

BOSOBO Paintbrush Sets

The BOSOBO Paint Brushes Set includes two packs (20 pieces) of all-purpose paintbrushes. Brushes include a variety of round and pointed brush heads. Miniature paintbrush heads are perfect for small art projects or for detailing larger projects. Each paintbrush is individually handcrafted and double-crimped with anti-shedding nylon bristles, anti-rust nickel ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles. BONOBO is so confident that you will love their product that they offer a 12-month worry-free, money-back guarantee.

 Acrylic Paintbrush Sets with Brushes Kit

If you are looking for a deal that will give you the most value for your money, check out this combination of acrylic paint and an artist brush set. This set comes with 24 12-milliliter tubes of premium acrylic paint that span the color palette. These professional quality paints have vibrant pigment and true colors. Paints are non-toxic and suitable for any age, so they make a perfect gift for budding artists, art students, or professionals. The 17-piece artist brush set includes the 00-detail brush.

 Artify 2019 New 15-Piece Paintbrush Sets

This set includes all the quality of Artify brushes with a free pop-up case, palette knife, and two sponges. This economical set includes 15 brushes of various sizes and shapes, including liner, flat, angular, filbert, round, fan, and comb to tackle a variety of projects. These durable brushes are made with heavy-duty glue to securely attach high-quality nylon bristles. The pop-up case makes it easy to switch brushes while working and provides convenient storage when brushes are not in use.

Mont Marte Art Paintbrush Sets

Mont Marte is a well-known name in professional art supplies. These elegant long-handled brushes are made from superior quality materials. Each paintbrush is handmade with thick smooth Taklon hair and attached firmly to the wooden shaft with a durable aluminum ferrule. This set comes with a zipped easel case that is great for storing clean brushes or for quick access while you paint. Brushes include a variety of round and pointed brush heads. Miniature paintbrush heads are perfect for small art projects or for detailing larger projects.

Artify 38 Piece Paint Brush Art Set

If you’re looking for variety, Artify has the perfect paintbrush set for you. The 38-piece brush set includes a wide range of sizes in both flat and round for large or detailed brush strokes. Bristle types include hog, pony, and traditional nylon. The high-quality natural hairs are durable enough to withstand repeated washings while maintaining their elasticity. The smooth lacquered handles provide an ergonomic grip. The set includes a canvas carrying bag to store clean brushes.

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