Top 5 Outdoor Speaker Sound System


With the increasingly small size of speakers and their ability to perform wirelessly, many homeowners are looking to take their favorite tunes outdoors while they enjoy a relaxing day by the pool or by the grill, which leads us to the Top 5 Outdoor Speakers Sound System.

There are plenty of great options available for those consumers who want to enjoy the same quality of entertainment outside that they typically do indoors, with wireless and compact speakers Sound systems that sound every bit as crisp and clear as portable audio solutions for smartphones, television soundbars, and even home theater systems. Before making the outdoors an immersive audio experience, consider the 5 best systems nowadays on the market for this use.

 Cables to Go Audio Unlimited Premium 900MHz Wireless 2-Speaker Sound System

Wireless sound is king when it comes to creating entertaining outdoor spaces, and Cables to Go has crafted a pretty unique system that takes advantage of wireless audio streaming. The two speakers offered to consumers as part of this system come paired with a wireless audio dock. Mobile phones, tablets, and traditional MP3 players can all connect to this dock via a wired connection, streaming their audio over a 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio is taken in by the dock and then streamed to both of the included wireless speakers.

Each of those speakers comes with a 900MHz Loop Lock circuitry system, designed to “lock in” the sound that gets streamed to each speaker. The result is a far lower loss in overall audio quality, creating a more enjoyable listening experience that experiences great highs, full lows, and excellent bass.

OSD Audio RX550 2-Way Outdoor Rock Speakers Sound System

Outdoor speakers might be in demand, but most homeowners have an additional requirement of such a system: Under no circumstances are outdoor speakers permitted to look like the electronic devices that they are. OSD Audio has a solution for those homeowners who don’t want to taint their excellent landscaping habits with a bulky, black, or silver box. Its 2-Way Outdoor Rock speaker system can easily be disguised as a landscaping feature. The speakers look just like rocks, and they’re easy to place on balconies and patios, in flowerbeds, or by the pool.

The easily concealed nature of these speakers is paired with excellent sound that will impress even the most skeptical homeowners. After years of research and testing, the company has paired each cabinet with excellent acoustics and the type of sound that can easily fill expansive outdoor environments. Better yet, speakers are available in a broad array of designs, colors, and sizes, so that they easily match any native landscape around homes from coast to coast.

Yamaha NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Sound System

Yamaha’s dedication to audio quality and clarity is regarded as some of the best work in home entertainment and outdoor sound, and its compact NS-AQ150BL speakers Sound System are evidence of these. Designed with a sleek black enclosure, these speakers measure just about 5 inches tall. So, their sound is more impressive as compared to their size. Each speaker comes with excellent acoustics that benefit from an included, miniature subwoofer. Despite the woofer’s size, it produces excellent bass and allows the speakers to capably fill expansive outdoor areas with sound.

Each speaker comes with 35 watts per channel, for a total power rating of 120 watts at full power. Magnetically shielded and paired with easy brackets for installation anywhere outside the home, these speakers will impress with their quality, size, and ease with which they can be added to any outdoor patio, pool, or other area.

Dual LU43PW Indoor / Outdoor Speakers Sound System

Versatility is the name of the game with Dual’s LU43PW speaker system for indoor and outdoor use. These speakers are slightly bigger than their Yamaha counterparts, but they’re designed to be both weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. The result is a set of speakers that looks at home next to the computer, in the living room, or by the pool, depending on the buyer’s preferences.

With 100 watts of peak power, the speakers are slightly less powerful than the Yamaha competition but still easily able to fill outdoor areas with rich sound. Integrated subwoofers and a high-quality aluminum grill on the front both enhance the sound and make these speakers a bit more durable wherever they’re installed. With white and black options available, they blend easily into any home’s outdoor aesthetic or interior design choices.

Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Sound System

The Yamaha speakers bring up earlier don’t just come in black. For homes painted or adorned with lighter colors, the company’s NS-AQ150W speakers are an ideal choice due to their all-white enclosure. Despite their slightly different appearance, these Yamaha outdoor speakers are similar to their black counterparts in terms of features and performance.

They provide capable bass through integrated subwoofers in each speaker, offer two-way functionality vital to today’s speaker designs, and are easy to mount outdoors thanks to Yamaha’s included installation brackets and hardware.

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