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Well, it is summer and every one of you must have been searching for an option which will help you to get relief from this hot and humid weather. The information in sync with summer is that you are on a continuous view of places provided with AC. It has become one of the most important parts of our life’s comfort. Currently, there are four varieties of air conditioners in the market and one may select it as per requirement.

They are Window AC, Split AC, Central AC, and ultimately the Portable AC. The requirements of the air conditioners are at their zenith in these months. When we compare the air conditioners from different brands, we look at certain factors: cost, warranty, filtering function, efficiency in terms of cooling, power, and so on. To help you to select the best air conditioner available in the market we have compiled a list that will help you choose from the top ten best air conditioner brands in the world.

You may freely walk into any store and select an AC from these listed companies that suit your style and requirement.

1. Videocon

Videocon AC is one of the rare Indian multinationals which are into the rendering of air conditioners. When we talk about Videocon, people consider it a reliable brand and the company has managed to stand upon its reputation by providing excellent service. The headquarters of Videocon is situated in Gurgaon, India and they have many other plants located in various parts of the world. This company has launched a vast range of air conditioners in recent years and all of them are well designed as per their category.

The price, vigor consumption, and the cooling function of Videocon’s ACs are very much adequate. Moreover, there is a digital display embedded which makes them very attractive.

2. LG

The air conditioners(AC) from LG have always been found to be equipped with the latest innovations and with features that have not been seen so far in any other air conditioners. LG dominates the air conditioner business throughout the world. This company has its head office located in Seoul, South Korea. LG has always been people’s favorite as they have always focused on satisfying people with their products and less on generating huge revenues. Various other technologies used in LG’s air conditioners are jet cooling systems, plasma filtration, and inverter technology.

The company has primarily focused on manufacturing air conditioners that are very energy efficient as it is the requirement of the hour and conditioners which emit fewer greenhouse gases to save the environment.

3. Carrier

It’s been longer than 110 years now since Express inserted into the market the air conditioning solution. They started this business in the year 1902 and after so many years they are now one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioners in the world. With each passing year, Express has had its main center on carrying out something different and so they have always been ahead of the others.

The active carbon deodorizer and the silver ion filters used in the Carrier’s air conditioner are very effective. They not only eliminate any offensive odor from the room but also protects from the bad bacteria which may harm your health.

4. Samsung

Samsung is one of the most advanced brands in the customer electronics business. This South Korean company has provided the air conditioning(AC) suspension for so many years now and people have confidence in this brand. The various factors which attract people towards Samsung are its energy star rating, turbo cleaning, and dehumidification technology. According to the company, their air conditioners are also very important in sustaining immeasurable health as it eliminates the allergy-causing and health-threatening bacteria automatically.

Samsung manufactures windows, floor-standing, and split air conditioners and all of them are efficient in terms of cooling. Samsung has nonchalantly appeared as an opportunity for the people who first were not apt to buy is due to its high price and maintenance.

5. Voltas

Voltas AC is another most reliable Indian multinational company. It was started in the year 1954 and its head office is located in Mumbai, India. Since its ship, this organization has been concentrated on forming air conditioners and cooling appliances. They have been the most successful manufacturers for so many years now. The air conditioners accomplished by this company agree to give an excellent cooling conclusion.

You will be charmed to know that Voltas has implemented the air conditioning solution to the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world and this shows how much Voltas is assumed by the people in carrying out cooling appliances.

6. Blue Star

Blue Star was founded in the year 1943 by an Indian contractor. Slowly and steadily with the best kind of air conditioners, this company scaled the step-stool of success to become one of the preeminent air conditioning brands in the world. Once you purchase an air conditioner from the Blue Star, you don’t have to suffer much as it has been composed following in mind the demands of the users and the latest aims that are being developed.

The price of the air conditioners will also please you and you will be happy with getting an air conditioner at such an affordable price. The best thing about AC’s from Blue Star is their persistence and elegant appearance.

7. Haier

Haier is a Chinese multinational company that has built its grasp on air conditioner runs all over the world. The headquarters of this company is established in Qingdao, the People’s Republic of China. This multinational company makes many apparatuses but the production of the air conditioner has been awarded topmost superiority. The hard work of this company is paying off as today the Haier’s air conditioners are recognized for their affordability and dependability.

The one factor which people look for before buying an air conditioner is its strength consumption and here also Haier’s AC guarantees to be an adequate one.

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