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If you wish to find one of the best cordless circular saws that are nowadays available on the market, you ought to know several things concerning the product. It is quite easy to purchase the recommended tool and hope that everything is going to be alright. Nevertheless, most recommended doesn’t mean the best. A lot of people claim the tool they received fulfills all their requirements. If we want the tool to meet our expectations, we need to remember about focusing on crucial aspects.

The list you are going to see below consists of seven products that, in our eyes, are also the best option for the beginner, who at the same time wants to use the tool for longer than several weeks or months. Have a look at them and see if the winner of our ranking, together with four other plausible variants, suits you!

1. Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw

The Milwaukee M18 is a saw for those that demand high-level performance. This saw can really rip. It makes full-depth crosscuts without any sign of struggle. The shoe and its components have clearly visible measurement indicators that make setting depth and bevel straightforward. The action of all the adjustments is smooth and they’re locked in place with levers (which is preferred). The 90˚ and 45˚ sightlines at the front of the shoe are spot-on. These features set you up to make high-quality cuts.

Despite all the good aspects, there are some missing features we would like to see. There aren’t any positive stops on the bevel at commonly used angles. Blade changing could be better, as is the case on some other saws. The blade lock, specifically, is a bit of a pain to catch and hold. Despite these minor complaints, if you want a top-quality brushless circular saw, look no further than the M18.

2. Dewalt DC390B Cordless Circular Saw

Building a deck, bookcase, or even kitchen cupboards and need the right saws to tackle these projects. The Dewalt DC390B 18V Cordless Circular Saw is a beast of a machine being both powerful and durable and is ideal for hard-core DIY enthusiasts. This great tool does not come with the 18-volt battery that drives it, however, it uses the DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack and DW9117 15-minute charger which is also available on Amazon for purchase.

Operating at 3700 RPM these saws will offer fast rip cuts as well as crosscuts. The blade 6 ½“ is carbide-tipped and has exceptional cutting capacity at 90 and 45 degrees. The motor has replaceable brushes and a fan-cooled motor which offers a lot of power and great durability with a high strength magnesium shoe and upper guard. The power and performance of the Dewalt DC390 are exceptional with a cutting capacity of 2 ¼” at 90 degrees and 1-5/8” at 45 degrees with a 0-50 level.

It can easily cut through any 2-by lumber and the carbide-tipped blade offers twice the cutting capacity as a standard blade. Offering a vibration-dampening rubber-grip handle and weighing in at a mere 6.3 pounds this is a very comfortable tool to use.

3. Hitachi C18DGLP4 Cordless Circular Saw

The Hitachi saw is not only one of the most powerful circular saws on the market but also one of the most feature-packed. It is compatible with the Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion slide-type battery which provides fade-free power and is sold separately. The Hitachi is extremely easy to use with a left side blade and built-in LED spotlight provide for the great vision of the cut line leading to more accurate cutting. The Hitachi is lightweight weighing in at a mere 6.2 pounds, and compact, and offers a soft grip handle for great comfort. The 50-degree bevel angle will adjust to accommodate many various applications. The motor has a no-load speed of 4500 RPM and it is fan-cooled to offer a longer run time.

The Safety features include an electric brake which also provides precision cutting and blade guard. You get a Lifetime Lithium Ion Tool Warranty from Hitachi for this saw. A great addition to any tool kit and a must-have power tool for professionals.

4. SKIL CR540601 Cordless Circular Saw

The Ryobi comes at a very competitive price, which makes it a decent option for those on a budget. It also provides users — particularly newbies — with some helpful features. The saw is lightweight, easy to adjust, with good sightlines, and the blade is simple to change. This means that it’s straightforward to set the cut depth and angle and manage the saw during cuts.

As with most budget tools, the Ryobi comes up short in some quality and performance departments. For example, it has a relatively shallow maximum cutting depth for a 6 1/2″ saw. Also, one tester described battery life as “abysmal.” That might be a bit strong, but there’s no doubt that battery life is sub-par. This saw, however, will tackle most jobs without a fuss, making it more than worth the money spent.

5. Makita XSS02Z cordless circular saw

The Makita cordless saw can serve both experts and novices. It has an undisputable special blade with exceptional built-in features that allows simple use of the device. Also, its flawless appearance is notable. However, the fact that it doesn’t come with a battery cannot be disregarded. It makes the device less prepared for quick utilization compared to the ones that come with batteries upon buying.

Makita XSS02Z circular saw isn’t just a regular saw fabricated for a fancy purpose but was mainly made to withstand pressure and execute extreme assignments flawlessly.


Compared to many of the saws in our review, the BLACK+DECKER doesn’t measure up especially well. However, judged by what it is — a light-duty trim saw — it’s a capable little tool. It’s a great deal better, but it doesn’t cost much more than, a manual hand saw. It’s light and compact, which means it’s easy to handle and easy to store. We also think it’s a decent choice for some professional applications such as cutting molding.

Most of this saw’s shortcomings arise from unrealistic expectations or misuse. This saw lacks cutting power and battery life. In short, it’s not suited for burly or prolonged tasks. However, if you only need to make a few cuts or want a handy little saw for quick work on a job site, this is a nice addition.

7. Kobalt KCS 6524B-03

The Kobalt KCS is one impressive machine. It’s not because it’s the most powerful saw in the class or because it has the best ease of use features. It’s because it has outstanding battery longevity. Given its 6 1/2″ blade diameter, this saw falls outside of the “professional” framing saw category. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of doing some heavy lifting on the job site or in the backyard.

If you’re looking for a saw that will be ready whenever you reach for it, this is an excellent option at a reasonable price.

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