Top 7 Best Electric Knives

It’s time to toss out those flimsy old knives and upgrade to an electric knife instead. Electric Knives are handy small appliances that deserve a spot in any kitchen — especially during the holidays. Whether you’re thin-slicing a beef tenderloin or carving a roast ham or turkey for the holidays, an electric knife makes the task much safer, faster, and more consistent.

We’ve rounded up the top-rated electric knives for every budget…

1. Tower Electric Knives

The first thing to notice about this carving knife is that the body is black, so while the design isn’t the most vital aspect, it may appeal to anyone who likes everything to match in their kitchen.

Twin blades will both work together to slice efficiently. There is a bit of downward pressure required, so it maybe isn’t anyone for wrist issues.

The handle leads down to the blade in one movement, rather than seemingly sitting separately like a lot of other designs. It makes it comfortable to hold and keep the on/off button pressed.

It advertises that it is good for frozen meats. When we tested it, we didn’t find it to be completely reliable. Stick to ordinary goods. The blades were easily removed and can be washed by hand for ease.

The price is nothing out of the ordinary for an electric knife like this. But the ergonomic and comfortable style and shape may swing the decision for you.

2. Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knives

The Oster FPSTEK2803B electric knife comes with a carrying case and a carving fork in its retail package. Its removable stainless steel blade has a specially designed tip to help it in.

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knives

The Hamilton Beach electric knife comes complete with a matching fork and lead case. It’s perfect for cutting meats, poultry, bread, or even foam blocks for arts and crafts projects.

The oscillating, double blades on this electric knife make precision cuts a simple task and the storage case holds everything together so you don’t lose any of the parts. The serrated blade means never needing to sharpen it.

Perfect for carving turkeys, ham, or roast beef, this electric knife makes quick work of your family’s dinner, leaving you more time to spend with loved ones!

4. Judge JEA76 Electric Knife

Possibly the one in which we felt the least reliable long-term quality, but it did not affect its performance.

First of all, it is quiet when running even when in contact with food which is welcome. The last thing you want when the microwave is running and extractor fans are on full blast is a loud carving knife, too.

The blades are very sharp and performed well on tough meats as well as bread. When tackling frozen food it didn’t make a dent. We didn’t like to push it, so it is one for the standard tasks.

The on/off button is comfortable to press both in terms of positioning and the material. It isn’t the prettiest, and as mentioned we also have doubts about longevity, which isn’t great to say it is marginally the most expensive on our list. There are also no spare blades. Having said this, it is still a worthy addition to the list.

5.  Black + Decker EK500B Electric Carving Knife

Another popular, and very inexpensive electric carving knife, the Black + Decker EK500B has been around for quite some time and gets good reviews. Like many of the other models, it has removable parts that are dishwasher safe. It also has an all-important safety lock button. It’s a safety feature that doesn’t allow the knife to turn on while it’s plugged in.

No frills here, just a single set of 9″ stainless steel blades that can easily be removed when necessary. As one of the cheapest options available, don’t expect this to last forever, but it will get the job done. Inspect out on this one, many use it as a multi-purpose tool! It moonlights as a tool for crafty-type jobs around the house.

6.  Mighty Electric Knives

How cool is this thing? The “Mighty Carving Knife” looks like a real chainsaw, but functions as an electric carving knife.

It’s so much fun to pull this knife/saw out during a family gathering to carve the turkey or roast. Although it might look like a gimmick or toy, don’t underestimate it as a carving knife. It’s rated quite highly and very popular with consumers on Amazon.

Besides carving meat, this knife also works for slicing and dicing fruits, veggies, and more.

It uses stainless steel blades, has an ergonomic handle, and the bar releases for cleaning. It looks heavy, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and inexpensive. A great option for adults that are still a kid at heart!

7.  Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Carving/Bread Knife

We believe the Cuisinart CEK-40 is the best electric carving knife available. It’s been time-tested with thousands of 4 & 5-star reviews at Amazon alone so you don’t just have to take our word for it. This “Best Seller” has a powerful motor, two sets of blades included (one for meat and one for bread), and a safety lock. It also comes with the woodblock storage tray that you see above for safekeeping.

Many electric knives come with a very short cord, making it almost impossible to use without an extension cord. Not this guy. The Cuisinart CEK-40 as reviewed comes with a cord over 6 feet long.

What else? The blades are removed with the push of a single button, and they come apart for easy cleaning! There’s nothing worse than trying to wash knife blades that are still attached to your ELECTRIC carving knife.

Last, but not least, the CEK-40 has a safety lock switch. It allows you to lock the blades in the “on” position so that you don’t have to hold the button in constantly with your wet, dirty, slick hands when it’s not safe to do so.

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