Top 7 Best Rolling Makeup Cases

when you regularly travel with makeup or want to store a lot of makeup in an organized way, Rolling Makeup Cases are the only y to go. These sorts of cases are perfect for professionals who travel for work or performance.

Bein on wheels means you don’t have to worry about the weight of the product you’re packing into it and what that would do to your back if you had to lug it every because they tend to be compact and highly organized, they also make great permanent storage so you always know where to find that one palette you need whether you’re at home or on-site. Rolling cases are also great for those of us who have no interest in having to par down or pick and choose from our collection when we’re going on a trip.

I mean, you can never really know exactly what palettes you’re going to need when you’re away–especially if you find a really cute new top while you’re there.

Here are the Top 7 Best Rolling Makeup Cases…

1. AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Cases

The make-up case which we are discussing now has 2 in 1 functionality. Additionally, it has two extendable trays which are suitable to keep gadgets as well. The material in use is 1680D oxford nylon fabric. It is wear-resistant and water-resistant. It can hold 13 different brushes. The construction of the inner storage compartments is such that you can keep spray bottles and hair blowers quite easily.

The carry-on bag has detachable shoulder straps which make it easy for you to pull it around. Additionally, it has eight sections of plastic storage trays that help you store cosmetics. It uses 1680D oxford nylon fabric. With the help of heavy-duty wheels and a handle, you can move it around quite quickly. The side pockets along with the plastic trays ensure that there is plenty of storage space. All in all, when looking for a compact make-up case that provides you with ample storage space, you can go with this option.

2. Makeup Case – 3 In 1

The next option on our list is made using aluminum. The advantage of aluminum is that it is highly durable. The trays are folding which means that you can get plenty of storage space. The reinforced steel corners enhance durability.

The removable trays mean that you can create the storage space inside for your requirement. With the help of sturdy wheels, you can move it in any direction. In total, it consists of 8 sturdy latches as well. Each layer and compartment can be locked quite easily so that your cosmetics are always secure. With the help of a heavy-duty top handle, moving it around is not a problem at all. The folding trays along with aluminum construction make it the right choice.

3. 3-In-1 Pro Aluminum Rolling Makeup Cases

The previous case that I bought for my niece broke the handle just after two weeks of use. I was disappointed; however, she recommended this to me. I was a little bit hesitant, but I decided to give it a chance. Four months after purchase, the handle is still as strong as it was in the beginning. It does not matter what you are carrying in the case because the handle can manage the weight without breaking.

Additionally, about the movement of the Come 3 in 1 Pro Aluminum Rolling Makeup Case, the wheels are perfectly strong, because they resemble skate wheels.

4. Ollieroo Makeup Train Case

The make-up case which we are discussing now consists of many different compartments. There is a fixture to hold the brushes as well. It comes along with a mirror. The wheels are removable. They allow you to move the make-up case up to 360.

With the help of PU leather construction with reinforced corners, you need not worry about durability at all. The heat-resistant material keeps your cosmetics always safe and at a proper temperature which is a definite advantage. Moreover, with the help of 40 slots, you can keep your cosmetics secure. It also consists of 13 small pockets in addition to the larger compartments as well. When it comes to storage space, there is plenty of it in this rolling make-up case. These characteristics have propelled it to our list.

5. AW Rolling Makeup Cases

The next option on our list again comes along with a mirror. It consists of adjustable legs which make it easy for you to get the mirror at the height which you want. Also, it consists of detachable wheels which mean that you can stabilize the legs as per your requirement. In total, it consists of 6 LEDs around the mirror which allows you to illuminate it quite easily. You can adjust the leg’s height at six different levels as well.

Moreover, it consists of a removable plate that allows you to keep the gadgets like a blow dryer and curling iron. It comes along with a proper locking mechanism which makes it easy for you to secure your cosmetics. There is an auxiliary power outlet on the top to power the gadgets. All of these features along with the power unit make it a great option.

6. KIOTA – Professional Beauty Makeup Artist Case

The next option on our list is in the form of a trolley. It is made up of leather-like material which makes it highly durable. It is suitable for a make-up artist, beautician, or cosmetologist. It consists of 8 removable plastic trays. The storage space is plenty. You can easily use the 13 pieces portable make-up brush holder to keep your brushes as well. With the help of two such brush holders, you can fit plenty of makeup brushes. It consists of 2 vertical zip pockets as well.

Moreover, with the help of heavy-duty wheels, you can move it around quickly as well. It consists of multiple trays and compartments which ensure that you can store your entire cosmetic collection. The USP of this make-up case is that it is highly compact so, you can move it around like a regular bag. That is why; it is such a good option.

7. ASCASE Aluminum Rolling Makeup Train Case

The make-up case which we are discussing now comes in 2 different color options. The material on the outside is PVC leather. The reinforced corners ensure extra durability. You can move it 360 with the help of castor wheels. These are lockable. There are two sliding drawers available as well.

The weight of the make-up case is just 11.1 KG which makes it easy for you to move around. It consists of multiple trays, compartments, and drawers which make it the perfect option. There are lockable compartments as well which is an added advantage. All of these features make it an ideal choice when looking for a make-up case for yourself or gifting.

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