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Bread Knife

Bread Knife is unique looking and serves a different purpose than any other knife in your kitchen. Unless you’ve tried to cut bread with some other straight-edged knife before, say a chef’s knife or paring knife, you might not understand how important they are. Buying the best bread knife will ensure you can cut through the thick, hard crust as well as the softest slices of bread, both with ease.

Believe it or not as soft as bread can be, it’s one of the most difficult things to cut without damaging it. The serrated blade is the key. Without it, you just smash the bread when you try to cut through the tough outer crust. After you flatten your bread into what now looks like a pancake, you might be able to get through the crust. Now, odds are you’ll just rip through the soft bread rather than cutting it. The serrations on the blade allow you to “saw” through the tough outer crust and the inter soft portion, without damaging it.

1. HUMBEE Chef BK_Bl Full Tang Serrated Bread Knife

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A high-quality product at a bargain price, this serrated bread knife is made from premium-quality stainless steel. Its design allows it to be suitable for both professional as well as home use.

The full tang design and the triple-riveted handle also make this serrated bread knife considerably more durable. Furthermore, the modeled handle will fit nicely into your palm, giving you a solid grip on the blade.


  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • A great addition to go with Humbees’ 8 in chef knife
  • Perfect for all professional and personal uses
  • Size: 8-Inch

High-quality stainless steel bread and carving knife perfect for
any dinner party 8-inch stainless steel knife blade with full
tang grip Strong and long-lasting materials make the perfect knife for
your fresh baked bread

2. Shun Classic Bread Knife

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Shun is a distinguished Japanese knifemaker and the Shun Classic Bread Knife is created in Seki City, Japan’s 700-year-old center for making samurai swords.

This knife is forged with Shun’s exclusive VG-Max steel and 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding, which is ground and bead-blasted revealing visually stunning patterns of layered Damascus steel.

With a rich ebony Pakkawood handle, stainless steel cap on the handle butt, and a hand-polished stainless steel bolster, this knife is a stunning mix of toughness, durability, and elegance.

Shun offers a limited lifetime warranty to be free of manufacturing defects, and also provides free sharpening for as long as you own the knife. This knife is hand wash only and should be promptly dried before storing it.


  • Wide serrations on the Shun 9-inch Bread Knife are razor sharp, cutting through bread without smashing or tearing the interior like other breadknives can do.
  • VG-MAX steel is a Shun exclusive formula, with additional cobalt for strength, carbon for durability, chromium for prevention from wear and corrosion and tungsten for a razor-like edge.
  • The beautiful D-shaped handle, comprised of ebony PakkaWood, is durable and water resistant, providing a comfortable grip to easily maneuver the blade through different types of bread..
  • An ideal bread slicer, the 9-inch Bread Knife is great for tough challenges like sourdough, baguettes, rye, and ciabatta while delicate enough for banana bread, brioche, pastries, challah or pumpernickel.
  • Handcrafted in Japan by highly skilled specialists, the knives are present-day manifestations of ancient blade-making traditions fused with cutting-edge technology.
  • Imported from USA.


Emanated from the Japanese word “shun,” implying the meticulous moment. when any provided food is at its optimal ripeness, Shun Markson
their legacy to provide favored kitchen knives at the cliff of
the model. With skilled specialists handcrafting the blades,
Shun knives represent high-quality interpretation with blades that join
ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology. The blades are
made with VG-MAX steel, an ingenious formula exclusively
produced for Shun to provide optimal durability, strength,
sharpness, and erosion resistance. The blade is bead-blasted to
reveal the layered steel that supports the strong, V6-MAX “super
steel” missing core, providing the impression of a rippling surface.
This classic, elegant finish makes the knife a functional piece
of art and an outstanding item for any kitchen. The availableShun
Classic 9-inch Bread Knife makes slicing bread easy, simple, and

3. Kuhn Rikon Colori+ Non-Stick Bread Knife

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Featuring a carved 20-cm blade, the Kuhn Rikon Colori+ is ideal for cutting all kinds of pastries. The unconventional bread knife can not only help you make nice bread slices; its ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blade is hand-ground for optimum performance, so it will easily cut soft fruits and vegetables as well. The secret is in the manufacturing process that makes the blade hard, flexible, and resistant to rust. Moreover, the cutting surface has an anti-stick silicone coating that will prevent foods from sticking to make cutting and slicing foods even easier. You can put the tool in a dishwasher, however, handwash is recommended.

Next, this fantastic saw knife is ideal for picnics and camping trips. The product comes with a sheath for comfortable and safe transportation and storage of the tool. Though the sheath is a bit loose, it is still very helpful in protecting the blade when it is not in use.

Finally, the item has a stylish modern design with a black plastic handle and a black stainless steel cutting blade (a red color option is available). The included sheath is always of a matching color.

In a nutshell, hand-ground by professionals and covered with a non-stick silicone coating, this practical bread knife will help you make perfect slices of bread and other foods in the comfort of your kitchen or at a campsite.


  • Food slides easily off the nonstick coated blade.
  • Super sharp high carbon stainless steel blade.
  • Ergonomic handle has soft grip.
  • Protective safety sheath.
  • Imported from USA.

Color: Multicolor

Award-winning Swiss-designed to put fun into
functional. The Nonstick Paring Knife Set Colori from Kuhn Rikon
is perfect for small kitchen tasks. The thin 4-inch super-sharp high
carbon steel blade makes precision cutting easy. The nonstick
coating keeps food from clinging to the blade. The ergonomic handle
has a soft grip. Safety sheath helps keep the blade sharp and protects

4. Mercer Culinary Millennia Wide Bread Knife

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The Mercer Culinary is a reliable brand that’s been popular among different customers for over 30 years now. They produce high-quality cutlery including knives. The Millenia knife boasts pretty good quality as well, and it is proven by an NSF certificate.

This serrated knife will make cutting any baked items a breeze. It has a wide wavy edge with sharp serrations that provide a smooth and even cut. Furthermore, this long knife is easy to sharpen if the blade becomes dull.

We also like that this model comes with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold with right and left hand alike. It has textured finger points and a protective finger guard that make the knife both convenient and safe in use. The handle provides a nice grip, so there is no chance this kitchen tool will slide out of your hand. It is made of Santoprene and polypropylene. Note that this saw knife is not recommended to wash in a dishwasher since detergents may damage the handle.

In conclusion, the knife from Mercer Culinary will be a nice addition to any kitchen. Apart from the bread knife, the company offers a vast selection of knives for various purposes. They are all made of quality Japanese steel and will serve you for a long time.


  • Ergonomic Handle – a combination of Santoprene for Comfort and polypropylene for durability.
  • Textured finger points provide slip resistance, grip, and safety. Protective finger guard..
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care.
  • The highest quality Japanese steel allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening for a razor-sharp edge.
  • One-piece high-carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel.
  • Imported from USA.

Color: Black

Size:10-Inch Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

Design: Knife

With outstanding performance, Millennia knives are conceived with
ingenious features to satisfy the needs of today’s professional

5. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Bread Knife

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Features an exceptional grip, Dalstrong Shadow Black Series knife is specially customized for maneuverability. The knife was designed from the ground up, which is made to be sleet, muscular, and aggressive looking as it is effective.

The blade is made by expert craftsmen to 16-18 degrees, which ensures a precise, clean-cut, and excellent edge retention. An intense heat treatment followed by a deep-freeze cooling process enhances flexibility and hardness.

The knife will give you the highest level of satisfaction in your culinary journey. Cutting from any angle, this blade’s geometry features sharp, aerodynamic lines that tuck snugly into your palm and cut the air.


  • SinisterDesign, Exceptional Craftsmanship: Designed from the ground up to be as sleek, aggressive, and muscular looking as they are effective, the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series stands out from the pack. They’re not simply cutting-edge, high-performance tools; they’re a statement about who you are and your unique sense of style as a chef.
  • outstanding performance: A ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edge is hand finished by expert bladesmiths to 15° per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness and flexibility. Each Shadow Black Series blade receives a Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating, improving robustness, corrosion resistance, and enhancing non-stick properties. Crafted from a single piece of steel, each hand polished blade is full-tang for maximum durability…
  • Unique angles, Life-Long Durability: A midnight black ergonomic, fiber-resin, and military-grade G10 handle are nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. The handle geometry is uniquely designed to tuck snuggly into your palm, giving you a firm grasp regardless of the grip style you use. A hand-polished spine is smooth and comfortable to the touch while the G10 handle is slightly textured to provide anti-slip properties…
  • Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Power: Featuring high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel with a mounted vacuum heat treatment at 58+ HRC which allows for extraordinary performance and edge retention. Unique styling, sophistication, and functionality, sure to turn heads in any kitchen. Each blade comes with a matching black space-saving sheath. 7CR17MOV-X Vacuum Treated Steel – Black Titanium Nitride Coated, NSF Certified.
  • Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk-free. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. ProminentDalstrong customer service. See why over 250,000 chef’s around the world trust and love, ‘The Dalstrong Difference’. Dalstrong luxury gift box packaging makes Dalstrong knives an excellent gift for yourself or others. Now you are slicing with POWER. Dalstrong POWER!.
  • Imported from the USA.

6. KYOKU Daimyo Series Japanese Serrated Bread Knife

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Do you want to find a bread knife that can slice through lumps of bread and cakes with the most sensitive push? Then this Japanese bread knife with its ruthlessly keen edge is the answer you need.

The scalpel-like edge of this knife was crafted by veteran artisans with the distinguished Honbazuke method. After being handcrafted, the blade then underwent cryogenic treatment to improve its hardness, flexibility as well as damage resistance ability.

To make it easier for you to cut through the bread, the 8-inch blade is designed to be slightly curved. Combined with the ergonomic G10 handle, the knife guarantees minimal fatigue and hand strain.


  • VG-10 JAPANESE SUPER STEEL – This 8″ zigzagged bread knife is manufactured with ultra-premium Japanese VG10 and 67-layered Damascus steel to ensure outstanding durability. Thanks to its design, It slices with minimal resistance, making it perfect for cutting bread, slicing Citrus fruits, and more. The gorgeous herringbone pattern on the base of the tang unveils the stunning craftsmanship and its legendary identity…
  • Fantastical SHARPNESS – Ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edge is handcrafted by seasoned artisans to a mirror polish at 8-12° per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method; cryogenically treated for incredible hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance…
  • ERGONOMIC & WELL-BALANCED – The 8 inch slightly curved blade makes it easy to slice through loaves of bread while alleviating fatigue and finger pains from long periods of slicing, perfectly blending control and comfort…
  • Enduring HANDLE – The meticulously constructed, triple-riveted G10 handle has gone through special treatment, making it extremely impervious to heat, cold, and moisture; features a mosaic pin…
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – No premium knife is complete without a lifetime warranty; our masterpiece knife is fully covered for life, free exchange, or return for life if the item is defective…
  • Imported from the USA.

7. Orblue Serrated Bread Knife

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Orblue Serrated Bread Knife has an ultra-sharp, eight-inch, serrated edge that grips and effortlessly slices the toughest loaves of bread, to provide a smooth, clean-cut.

This high-quality stainless steel serrated bread knife is easy on the budget and the perfect gift for moms, cooking enthusiasts, or culinary students. This knife comes with a rubber safety guard for the tip for safe storing.

This knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is hand wash only.


  • ULTRA-SHARP, CUTS EFFORTLESSLY: The Orblue Serrated Bread Knife blade has an ultra-sharp serrated edge that grips and effortlessly slices the toughest loaves of bread, to provide a smooth, clean-cut. The blade runs 8 inches long with a 4.9-inch handle. Included as an added safety measure on the knife’s sharp tip is a rubber safety guard…
  • HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Made with high-quality stainless steel and only 2.2 mm and 0.1 mm thick, the quality is durable enough to withstand everyday use on the toughest bread…
  • SLEEK ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The knife was ergonomically designed with careful attention to detail, so you can slice comfortably and easily. The handle is made to perfectly fit any grip, making slicing harder loaves a breeze…
  • ONE PIECE DESIGN: The entire knife is one continuous piece of stainless steel. There is no plastic, wood parts, or screws that tend to move and wear out over time, so you can be confident that your knife is built to last for years…
  • NOT JUST FOR BREAD: This serrated knife is so sharp it easily grips and cuts through the cake, crusty bread, bagels, pastries. Budget-friendly, it’s the perfect gift for all the bakers in your life!.
  • Imported from the USA.

8. DALSTRONG Bread Knife

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DALSTRONG Bread Knife is precision forged from a single piece of premium quality, high-carbon, ThyssenKrupp German steel, making this knife lightweight, ultra-sharp, durable and stain-resistant.

Featuring a black Pakkawood handle imported from Spain (laminated for extra strength, sanitation, and water/stain resistance), the Gladiator Series bread knife is carefully designed for maximum comfort, maneuverability, and style.

Although dishwasher safe, hand washing is highly recommended. DALSTRONG offers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


  • A Dalstrong culinary course combining unique and award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge breakthrough technology, awe-inspiring design, and the absolute best materials available. Peak performance never looked so good at this price…
  • Unrivaled Performance: Ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edge is hand finished within a staggering 8-12°degree angle per side. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced harness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. Full tang for superb robustness and triple riveted for even more resilience. 9″ length ideal for briskets, roasts, ham, turkey, and more. Matching carving fork with G10 handle and mosaic included. Perfect for holiday feasts…
  • Dalstrong Power: Ultra sharp AUS-10V Japanese super steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness for extraordinary performance and edge retention. 66 layers of premium high-carbon stainless steel for exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance. Perfectly balanced, the precisely tapered blade minimizes surface resistance. The narrow shape of the blades allows the knife to easily follow the contours of bone and get in-between difficult-to-reach areas…
  • Engineered to Perfection: Ultra-premium G-10 handle is impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. Military-grade with life-long durability. The hand-polished ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior hand control, agility, and comfort…
  • Dalstrong Trust: We know you’ll love it! 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk-free. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. Renowned Dalstrong customer service. See why chefs, butchers, bakers, culinary students, and home cooks around the world trust and love, ‘The Dalstrong Difference’. Now you are slicing with POWER. Dalstrong POWER!.
  • Imported from the USA.

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