Xbox Series X and Series S get BBC iPlayer streaming app for Christmas

The Xbox Series X and Series S get BBC iPlayer streaming app for Christmas. The early present means that Xbox homeowners will finally stream live BBC TV channels and binge on Beeb box sets through their console. (Here’s wherever to shop for the Xbox Series X, if you are troubled to search out stock). According to the BBC: “From this morning, BBC iPlayer is nowadays on the market on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. homeowners of the new consoles will transfer the BBC iPlayer app for gratis from the Microsoft Store on Xbox.” Back in November, at the launch of the new Xbox, Microsoft apologized for the dearth of iPlayer and secure to ‘work tirelessly’ to repair the difficulty. currently, that diligence has paid off, Xbox users with a TV license will be sat back before BBC TV channel or catch au fait box sets like traditional individuals, high-pitched Blinders, and also the darkly-brilliant within No.9.

The Xbox Series X launched with a reasonably robust line-up of streaming apps, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Sky Go, Now TV, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube TV. In the US, that list extends to HBO GHB, Hulu, Peacock, Vudu, and Fandango NOW. In alternative words, if you are when a console that doubles as AN amusement hub, the new Xbox could be a sensible shout. It is also the primary console to support each Ray M. {Dolby|electrical engineer} Atmos sound (from launch) and Dolby Vision (due 2021). It’s not all fortified wine and mince pies, though. As we tend to recently reportable, Samsung TV homeowners are discomfited to find that the Xbox Series X does not support HDR10+.


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